Some Things Are Better Left Alone

Drew was diagnosed with cancer about 1 month ago. But her best friend, Audrey, has no idea. So when Audrey finds out Drew runs off which is when she meets Niall and her story is about to be rewritten.


2. Keep A Secret

Drew's POV:

"What! That can't be right! I've been healthy my whole life!"

"I'm sorry Drew, but the test results don't lie." My mom stood overtop of me holding back her tears. I could tell she was breaking inside.


I sit at home reading about leukemia on my computer crying when Audrey called.

"Hey Drew! How was you doctor appointment!"I wanted to tell her about the whole leukemia thing but I couldn't. She'd try to help me which would only make me feel worse.

"It was good! No problems!"

"Are you sure, you sound a little to trying to be peppy to hard which is not working!" She says concerned.

"I'm fine! Don't worry, see ya tomorrow?!"

"Okay.." She says suspiciously hanging up the phone. I can't let her find out about me.

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