Some Things Are Better Left Alone

Drew was diagnosed with cancer about 1 month ago. But her best friend, Audrey, has no idea. So when Audrey finds out Drew runs off which is when she meets Niall and her story is about to be rewritten.


3. Find Out

Audrey's POV:

I know something's wrong with her, she's not acting like normal Drew. I text her Hey can I come over today? A few minutes later I get a text from Drew it says Sure! At any time. I grab my keys and get in my car. I drive past a variety of houses until I get to Drew's chestnut brick house. I slam my car door and joyfully skip up to her house.

Drew's POV:

I pace back and forth thinking and planning what to say to Audrey, "Oh! Hi Audrey, how are you!" Says my mom with her peppy, nothing is wrong voice. I take a deep breath and open the door slowly.

Audrey's POV:

Mrs. Carrie leads me to their kitchen with snacks on the counter like usual. "So, how are you?" She asks sitting in the seat she loves.

"I'm great! How are you!"


"Not to be rude but Drew seemed to be acting odd over the phone, is she OK?" She pauses and gives me a mortified look. She sits up "Oh... You don't know..."

"What don't I know." I ask with a wide range of curiosity.

"At the doctors office today... Drew was diagnosed with cancer..."

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