Some Things Are Better Left Alone

Drew was diagnosed with cancer about 1 month ago. But her best friend, Audrey, has no idea. So when Audrey finds out Drew runs off which is when she meets Niall and her story is about to be rewritten.


1. Bad News

Drew's POV:

"Don't worry mom! I won't forget the doctors appointment! I don't even know why your making me go, I'm fine!"

"I want to make sure your ok, I'll meet you in the office at 2:20." She says and hangs up I go back to class. "Miss Taylor! Why did it take so long?"

"It was my mom, calling to remind me for the millionth time about my doctor appointment at 2:20. Sorry it took awhile..."

"Well sit down and do your proportions worksheet!" I sink down into my chair and do the worksheet.


I glance at the clock, 2:05, 15 minutes of math to go. I sit in class, listening to Mr. Cromwell give his you-need-to-work-harder lecture. Then my phone buzzes it says "Where are you!" I look at the time, 2:21, I gather my stuff and walk to the office. My mom fills out the excuse card and grabs my arm pulling me out the door toward the car. We drive about 30 minutes to the Children's Hospital, which I don't even know why I go to, I mean I am 15. We walk into the hospital and the doctor stands by the front desk, "Drew! Carrie! Come with me!" He says in a cheery voice. He leads us into a room painted bright yellow with a nurse going through files and paper work. "Oh! Hi Drew!" Jesus, it's like their job to be annoying and peppy. "Okay deary, just sit down here and I'm going to take some of your blood to look for bacteria."

"Okay." I say awkwardly siting down in the chair. She slowly sticks the needle in my arm and I wince from the pinch. "Okay I got it! I'll be back in a few minutes with the results." She says leaving the room.


I sit in the room and Doctor Shures walks in with a sad look on his face of disbelief. "What's wrong doc?" I ask concerned.

"Drew, you have leukemia."

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