Violet-Eyed *Competition Version*

*For Ava Lavender Comp*


1. One

Chapter 1:


The snow is softly falling down the hill. I sit on the bare branches of my favorite tree, the old oak that has stood by the farm even before my parents were born. I stare at the carvings on it. Ones that show who we have fallen in love with. The James have always been lucky enough to pick the right one. Mom and dad, Darcy and Jake, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Hith and Aunt Berth. Yet I don't have anyone. No one.

Maybe it's because I'm only sixteen. But mom met dad when they where fifteen. Darcy and Jake had been best friends since they were three, before they realized their feelings. That should be reason enough.

But it's been over a decade since then. Now I'm here, living with my whole family, living on the farm. Jake was talking to me the other day. About he is going to propose to Darcy today. At dinner. I say nineteen is to young for her to get married.

Not like she'll listen.

I jump from the lowest branch, landing on my feet with a stumble. I still haven't gotten used to the shock that comes with the massive blow to the ground. I can hear my teeth chattering, so I clench my jaw. After a few seconds, I can feel my legs again, and my body has stopped shaking so much.

I close my eyes, and my head starts to spin. it starts to hurt. I can't feel my body, as whirs of color flash through my mind.

I stare at a boy. He's out in the street, playing with an old, barely inflated ball. His, I think brothers, run out of the street. His bright blue eyes show a hint of confusion, his mouth opening, moving open and closed. He's speaking. That's when I see the headlights of something I don't see too often. A car. It's going straight for him. The boy's brothers all scream at him, yet he doesn't listen. And then he's gone, his brothers sobbing. I try screaming, but my mouth won't work. In fact, nothing at all is working. I don't even have my body.

My violet eyes open, as I take in a deep breath. By now my head is throbbing, as I experience something new. I just... I just had a premonition. I shake uncontrollably, suddenly feeling very cold. I hear mom's voice, before I close my eyes. This time, I go to sleep.


I hear voices. Familiar voices. The ones belonging to my family, and Jake. I slowly open my eyes, but my vision is blurred. My hands pull my dark, auburn hair from my eyes. My mother squeals on instinct, as she coos over me. I push her away, sitting up on my own. My uncle Hith walks over to me, a small smile on his face.

"There's my niece. Very strong willed. And violet-eyed. Beautiful girl you are. Strong, too." He says. Uncle Hith is always like this, charming and nice. He looks out for everyone. Especailly me, the violet-eyed neice.

"Jayla! You're awake!" Darcy yells. Jake smiles. "Oh! I was so worried! I don't know what I'd do if I had lost my baby sister! You didn't fall off the old tree, did you? I told you not to climb that anymore!" She frets, pacing back and forth. That's Darcy. Always worrying about me.

"Darcy! Don't worry! I'm fine! I'm three years younger than you, for Petes' Sake!" I assure her. Jake talks to her about something, and she nods her head. "And I didn't fall. I had a... premonition." I let out. Darcy stops, her and mom both staring at me. Dad, Uncle Hith, aunt Beth, Grandma, grandpa and Jake have already moved to the other room. They're both looking terrified, scared, and defeated.

"Did...?" Mom starts, and Darcy excessively shakes her head. Mom grows stark white, and I can literally see the color drain from mom's face. Darcy is staring at the ground.

"What?" I ask. No answer from either. "WHAT?" I yell, instead. Darcy looks at me, scared.

"When you six, ten years ago, you would always see things. It would randomly happen, but always would occur when your eyes were closed. You-you... you predicted Hadleigh's death." Darcy says. Hadleigh was my baby sister. She had been born when I was five... she died the next year. "Anyway, you had kept predicting the future. You kept having premenitions. You couldn't control it. You would wake up screaming. So mom had the doctor try and take it away. He did his best, but... I guess it's back..." Darcy's voice fades away, turning around. I start shaking. That's a lot of information to take in. Darcy looks at me again.

"What did you see?" She asks, concerned.

"A boy." I say. Darcy walks out of the room, mom following. I have to get to that boy, before it's too late.

Standing on the floor, the whirling colors come again. I fall to the ground, my head pounding.

'Jayla?' I hear Darcy call. This Is after I've gone to help the boy. I'm just watching Darcy, Mom, and the others panic because I have left. Telling by the glimpse of outside I can see from where I watch, it's around midnight. Uncle Hith looks as if he's about to cry. Something he has never done before.

My head throbs, again, bringing immense pain. I walk myself to the mirror, sitting down. My skin is a clammy, pasty white, my violet eyes round. My pupils are emmensly dilated, the violet iris' of my eyes striking.

I know what I must do. I know my top priority. But... it just can't work, can it? Not if I don't tell them. nut they would say no. They would get mad or sad, forbidding me to go. For MY health. They'd go themselves, but they don't know anything about where or why. I do.

I have to save the boy... but I can't. Not without making Uncle Hith cry, or mom and Darcy to have panic attacks. Not without aunt Berth freaking out, or dad staring at the floor. Or grandma and grandpa freeting about. But I can't tell them that I need to save this boy. I can't tell them that I may be risking myself for a boy. But... I can't let him die. Not if I know that he could be killed at any time.

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