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4. Little White Lies

I woke up with Harry's fluffy Winnie The Pooh blanket over me. I slept on the couch ? Okay... 'Cause that's normal. "Stop being sarcastic in your head," Liam whispered. I looked at him. He could tell ? "Why am I on the couch ?" I asked. "Well, if you don't remember… Harry tried to make you go to bed then you said no and made him go to bed and you watched some weird movie or something... And yea!" He smiled. Oh. I should probably go see Harry. "Harry!!!!" I shouted. He walked in from the kitchen with a bowl of Coco Pops. "I know I was being an idiot and I'm sorry but you know how much I wanted to see our unc-" he smushed his hand on my face to shut me up. "I know you're sorry. You talk in your sleep," he smirked. "Wanna go see our uncle?" I smiled. He sighed. "Fine. But this was your decision."

We walked in the prison and saw this man waiting for us. "Well , Charlie. Here's your uncle. Being released. Tomorrow," Harry told me through gritted teeth. "Hey. I'm Charlie. Your niece. I'm 13 soon. Yay! You owe me birthday money!" I exclaimed. We walked to the car. "Bagsy front seat!" I shouted. "Yea you're getting that seat," Harry whispered.

~•~•Next Dayyy•~•~

"Yes. I'm here. Where are you!?" I shouted down my phone. "I'm right behind you," someone exclaimed. "Hello? Uncle Tom?" I asked. "You guessed right!" He grabbed me and put his hand around my mouth. I dropped my phone purposely , hopefully Tom won't notice. Fuck , I need Harry.

Harry's POV

"Hey guys , have you seen Charlie ? I've got a feeling she's gone to see Zayn and Niall or our uncle," I explained. "I think I heard her leave this morning. It was her or we got burgled. But , you know , we're not missing anything so-" "Louis. We are missing something. CHARLIE! And I'm pretty sure I had £20 hidden under the sofa," I explained. "Dang it , you have this thing , you do it a lot. Know what it is ? Interrupting me!!" He shouted. Grouchy.

"Liam , ring Charlie," I shouted. "I'll ring the police. And Louis , check to see if there's anything of hers near here," I explained. They nodded their heads. "Hello ? Police please," "I did it ! I found something!" Louis shouted.

Louis' POV

I found Charlie's phone , she drops this way too much. "What's her password ?" I asked Liam. "1331." I typed it in on her phone. "Hey guys , she's with her uncle." Harry's face was indescribable. It was full of emotions.

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