Holy shit !!!!!!! I deleted secrets. THIS IS THE SAME BOOK !!! I'll try and rewrite it all !!
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3. I'm Sorry...

I walked into Harry's room. "Hey sissy-boo!" He shouted. I turned on his xbox and handed him a controller. "Harry," I paused the game and looked at him "I..Urm, I broke our uncle out of jail!" I whispered. He looked at me. His eyes were.... Hugely huge. "What ? How ? You're 12 !! How is that possible !?" He shouted. "Well, I had a dream and I broke him out of jail , but ,and this is a big but, he-" Harry started laughing. So immature. "Anyways , he wasn't evil." He stared at me. "So , because of a DREAM you had , you broke our uncle who murdered 10people out of jail !?!?" He emphasised the word dream. "Well , technically he broke himself out and I just... Was a witness!" He slapped his hands on his face.


The teacher slapped a ruler against my desk. "Yeah ? Sup ?" I hesitated. "Detention!" The teacher shouted. "Actually , I'm busy tonight-" "you have other plans ?" She interrupted me. Bitch. "Yes," I stood up "I do. Me and my brother are visiting my uncle!" I protested. "Too bad!" She shouted. Grouchy. "I think you should tell the class about what you were daydreaming about , don't you ? Or would you rather it was detention ?" She smirked. She hates me. I swear , she would not save me in a zombie apocalypse. "I was thinking about the time when privacy was invented. And then about the time when the messages on my phone had been read. By you. While I was in P.E. I'm sure the head-teacher would love to hear about that , wouldn't he ?" I smirked back. She continued with the lesson. I sat back down in my chair. Good thinking Charlie. I'm too good at lying. But I could never tell anyone about my uncle and why he's in prison. I just don't feel comfortable talking about it. Joy doesn't even know !

I walked through the front door and into the house. "I'm home !" I yelled to Harry. Louis came and gave me a note. "What's this ?" I asked. He pointed to his throat. What ? Seriously ? I read the note. Something about Harry going shopping and Louis losing his voice. Yadayada. Okay. "Wait , Liam went shopping yesterday. He's visiting our uncle , isn't he?" I asked. He nodded his head slowly. I ran upstairs and changed out of my uniform. "Bye Louis !" I shouted. He grabbed my arm and stopped me. He mouthed some words , but I dot even know why he said. Something like 'Let me come with you' or something like that.

We were on our way to the prison. And by 'we' , I mean me and Louis. Yea. "And your teacher actually believed you?" He started laughing uncontrollably. He's amazing to know. I nodded. I started listening to the CD Louis had in the car. "You have your own album ? And you listen to it ?" I laughed as he nodded shamefully. That was a short ride , we're already here. Wow. I marched in and left Louis at security. "Harry Edward Milward Styles!" I screamed. Everyone turned around. "Uh-oh!" I heard Harry whisper. He ran behind one of the police officers. "I can't believe you! You said I was coming with you ! If I see that stupid teacher I'll get detention !" I shouted. Just then , I saw the teacher. "Hello Charlie," she looked at me. "I was just talking to Harry ," I improvised. She did that 'ugh I hate kids' face. Bitch.

I walked up to my room and splashed my face in my pillow. To be honest , it was a quiet ride home. Harry tried to speak to me , but I just couldn't. He doesn't understand. I haven't even seen any of my other family since I was about 3 ! Every time I ask why , everyone changes the subject. It annoys me and I feel like jumping out of a window because of it. No one understands me like Harry and now , he doesn't even understand me. Someone slid a note under my door. I picked it up and read it. All it said was "I'm Sorry"

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