Things I Can't

The Society is now taking over the world. They know about hybrids and supernatural occurings, and they kill anyone who isn't a human. So Claire goes into hiding, all while meeting the boy of her dreams, the boy she was sent down to guard. And she fell in love, she fell into a deep, dangerous love. Will she ever be able to reveal herself to him?


1. Prologue

Things I Can't



Claire wasn't just any average girl living in a small town, she was something unexplainable to the current generation, something foreign. The Society wouldn't be able to understand even if it was thoroughly explained to them, just shows their intellectual abilities. Claire was something of a fairytale, something from children's books and the Bible, but nothing more. Her wings weren't enough proof that she really was, what she was, and neither was her beautiful and comforting voice, the ability to play the harp or being able to protect anyone with an invisible force.

If she even dare try to tell The Society what she was, they would hold her captive and do lots of research until they had enough to prove she really was, a Guardian Angel. She had been sent off to the land below, in hopes of showing everyone that we weren't imaginary, to be able to show the world our wings.

But ever since The Society started taking over, she had to go into hiding, never daring to show anyone her true identity. Claire had unintentionally shown her true identity to an english male, and she had feared she was in danger. But, she was taken by surprise when it was the other way around. She has been having to face many obstacles in order to protect him, and at the same time having to not show herself, not wanting to risk having The Society know.

So now, she protects this male from all the evil around him, and he's curious as to what, who is the one stopping the malicious forces. He has no way of knowing, though, but he plans on finding out what's behind the invisible force protecting him. He sits wondering, curious as to what it could be. He reads, in hopes of finding something that sounds realistic, something reasonable, believable and possible.

This english male won't give up on finding out who it was, and though his friends worry he migt be going insane, he knows he's not and continues his search. He won't give up, he will figure out this crazy story called his life.

And as for Claire, she won't be giving up on him, even if her life depended on it.



~Things I Can't~

"Show yourself to me," he whispered, his cold breath evaporating into the air as he spoke the words in his raspy voice, coaxing me out of the shadows. I shook my head, dark waves concealing my pale face, rosy cheeks and bright turquoise eyes.

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