Things I Can't

The Society is now taking over the world. They know about hybrids and supernatural occurings, and they kill anyone who isn't a human. So Claire goes into hiding, all while meeting the boy of her dreams, the boy she was sent down to guard. And she fell in love, she fell into a deep, dangerous love. Will she ever be able to reveal herself to him?


2. Entry 1; March 1

Things I Can't

Entry 1   March 1



"Dear Best Friend,

Today, I saw him again. The one and only Harry Styles. He was with Niall, one of the mates, you know, the cute one, the one that looks like a cute little penguin! Okay, don't laugh at me. But seriously, he is and you have to admit it, I know you think that way too. Anyway, Harry was looking quite smashing today, with his hair up in a fluffy quiff, yes, fluffy. His shirt was lovely, the Nirvana logo printed in yellow on the black tee-shirt. His jeans were tight as always, hugging his calves to perfection. The same buff male, Scott, from before came demanding for the money, as he has for the past 3 weeks. I'm really worried, Diary, what could have happened to him if I didn't make Scott think twice and let it slide. I don't think I can keep doing this, I might just have to come face to face with Harry. As dangerous as it is, it's a risk I have to take in order to keep him safe."

~Claire xx

Claire closed her Diary, admiring the soft caramel colored leather and swirls that covered it. With a sigh, she walked over to the queen sized bed in far left corner of the room and grabbed one of the fluffy white pillows. She stuffed the diary into the case and placed the pillow back on the bed (facedown), making sure no trace of the diary was visible. Her head turned to the door, where someone was behind it. They knocked once, twice, three times. 

Claire wasn't sure if she should answer, her mother had told her to never answer the door if she wasn't expecting anybody, since it could be someone offering weed or alcohol or even to reveal her secret. She lightly chuckled as she remembered when her mother had said, "They could even be someone who was following you, ready to do some naughty things to you."

"Sure mother," Claire responded, not taking her seriously. Claire opened the door anyway. "Hello, miss." A police officer stood before her, and she instinctively stepped to the side, allowing him in. "I have some city issues to speak with you about," He murmured as he strolled in, hands behind his back as he inspected the small apartment. "If you don't mind," he added, flicking his head towards her and squinting from behind his black sunglasses.

The petite, dark haired girl gulped nervously, and tried to act as calm as she could. Claire gestured the officer over to the couch and she sat across from him, the coffee table the only barrier between him and her. "There has been recent reports about angels on the loose. I repeat, angels. Have you seen any suspicious angel-like acts around here?" Claire new immediately this was about her. "N-no, sir. I promise to check in to the station if  I do see anything, though," She answered nervously, trying to sound as shocked and honest as she could.

The officer nodded. "Thank you for your time, miss." Simple as that. He stood up from his place on the velvet couch, and headed out the door. Claires' heart was beating fast, her breathing fast as well as she thanked the heavens she wasn't caught. She felt her face go pale and her body cold. Her head started spinning and she ran to the small bathroom, barely making it before she started puking her guts out. She groaned. 'I'm going insane, I really need to go out for a walk.'

She stood up from the blue tiled floor and exited (but not before flushing the toilet and brushing her teeth), heading into the master bedroom and into her walk-in closet. Claire inspected the two rows of clothing slowly, thinking to herself what she should wear. She settled for a pair of gray sweatpants that hugged her behind and calves tightly, and a black Nirvana hoodie. Obviously, the hoodie was inspired from Harry's outfit. She grabbed her black Vans and quickly laced them on. and heading out the door.



Harry looked around the quiet, retro styled bar, Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" humming quietly in the background. He stared at the door, wishing she would show up soon to give him the stuff and money. "Whiskey please, Buchanan." The stout, bearded bartender nodded, swiftly grabbing at the bottle and poured some into a glass. "Thanks," Harry mumbled, just as the bell on the door chimed, signalling someone's new presence.

It was Scott, coming to nag at Harry for not having the stuff he needed. "You!," Scott growled At the curly headed boy. Harry spun on the stool, calmly, showing no fear at all and reminding himself to keep himself calm. "Scott. So, we meet again." Harry smirked as Scott's hands turned into fists, he really was addicted and couldn't bear another day without it. "I warned you, I gave you weeks to get it. I told you what would happen if you didn't have it today."

"Sit back and relax. You should take some shots with me, Anna will be here soon with it. She's bringing the money as well." Harry ordered more whiskey, and some for Scott, too. He gladly took the shot and gulped it down, his eyes squezzing closed as he shook his head from the burn in his throat. "What is this shit anyway?" "Buchanan, it's like, the best whiskey you'll ever, ever have."

Harry turned his head around too fast when he heard the bell chime, his vision blurry and his head starting to spin. He knew, of course, by the flash of both golden hair and light blue hair, that is was Anna and Amber. When both girls sat down on one of the worn stools, Anna put her floral bookbag on the bar and took out a black plastic bag as well as a wallet. "Here, Amber, hand this over to Scott, I don't need him bugging me about this shit anymore," Anna mumbled harshly as she handed it over to the blue eyed, blue haired girl. "Haha." She gave a simple laugh and Scott eyed the bag hungrily as it was passed down to him.

"Finally! It's been months, Anna! I thought you'd never get out of debt with me!" He stood up and pranced about happily, then heading out the door. "Yes!" He yelled, looking at the sky and doing a fist pump, then running away screaming like a maniac. "Well, that's that. Here Harry, it's all three thousand dollars." She handed over a wad of bills about two inches thick and I slipped it into my back pocket. "Thanks," he mumbled. "Guys! I'm going to order a drink! I haven't been able to have alcohol in like, forever after my mother and father banned it from me! I was all, 'This is shit!' and they were all, 'Language young lady!' Like seriously, they get on my nerves!"

Harry and Anna both busted out laughing at hedr speech as Amber scowled and ordered a Sex On The Beach. "I will take a Bahama Mama," Anna suggested to the bartender with a small smile. The bell chimed again and in walked a petite dark haired girl with ombre hair (in caramel) and another, taller girl with blonde hair and purple tips, one in which he recognized as Winn, the gang's "puppy" as they called her.

A "puppy"s job is to get money and junk easily, with their sparkling eyes and ability to sway anyone into giving them what they want. The "puppy"s are adorable and innocent (or well, that's what other people are supposed to think) and they act sweet and polite to persuade the opposite sex into giving up what they have.

"Damn. She's beautiful." Harry said aloud without even thinking. he quickly blushed and turned away even thought the girls heard. He heard Winn laughing and she called back, "Harry! Meet Claire! You'll love her!"

The girls rushed over and Harry felt like dying, a flutterby* swarm in his stomach.



Fun Fact:  In old english, butterflies were originally called flutterbies



~Things I Can't~

"She was like the moon, part of her was always hidden."




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