Thrill Ride

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEED FOR SPEED MOVIE, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! I do not own the Need for speed movie or the games!
Tobey Marshall is back onto the road.. There will always be new rivals to beat... New racers emerge giving Tobey and the gang new challanges. Who will triumph? And who will fall? Winner takes it all, Loser loses it all..

Bad Summary!


10. Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten


Tobey had to spend a few minutes just looking around the familiar surroundings he hadn't seen for so long. Julia and the guys just watched him as they pretended to do work, smiling to themselves as he slowly took in every little detail. They all knew that it would take Tobey a lot of looking around the garage before he started doing the work, so everyone allowed him a few minutes of peace.


Julia couldn't help but feel her eyes start to become watery. She knew that this was going to be emotional, After all Tobey had lost the most the last few years. It hadn't been easy for any of them to keep on racing, But they knew that if they took a break from racing then what had happened would become even more real. Right now, They knew that they had all silently come to grips with Pete leaving and didn't bother bringing back the pain that had never really gone. Julia didn't understand how they could all go about their life when they had lost someone that was like a brother, But at the same time she understood why they had to move on. Julia still couldn't help but feel herself wanting to cry at the sight of the team back together.


Tobey took in the appearance of his crew and saw that they all looked slightly tired. Then again, Nearly going bankrupt and having one friend murdered and one friend arrested twice all in the space of a few years was enough for anybody to become tired. Tobey noticed that there wasn't many cars around too, Obviously showing how the last few months had really had an impact on the amount of cars that were coming in.


Tobey smiled at his crew before stepping away and into the back room. Tobey felt the butterflies in his stomach and sickness creep through his system at the thought of what bills would be waiting for him. Tobey hated the fact that he had no clue what was going to be on the other side of the door. Ever since his dad had left him the business, He dreaded the time when he had to file the taxes and apply for loans just to pay the debts. 


Tobey heard the whirring of machinery behind him, Allowing him a quick escape into the room. Closing the door behind him, Tobey watched as the dust moved and settled back down onto every surface. Tobey sighed, He was going to have to clean every surface before he could even do the bills. Tobey waited no time before getting to work at cleaning the office up.

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