Thrill Ride

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEED FOR SPEED MOVIE, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! I do not own the Need for speed movie or the games!
Tobey Marshall is back onto the road.. There will always be new rivals to beat... New racers emerge giving Tobey and the gang new challanges. Who will triumph? And who will fall? Winner takes it all, Loser loses it all..

Bad Summary!


6. Chapter Six

Chapter six


Ten minutes later they managed to get into the heart of san Fransisco without much trouble. Tobey had to admit that it was nice to be able to take a slow drive through san Francisco when the memories of julia half dying and crashing surfaced in his brain. Julia would probably never even know how much she meant to him, so he hadn't actually shared what happened when she was out of it on that night. He didn't really want to become this weak man when they had just got home, he wanted to be strong and fierce for her.


"Hey Julia, you want to stop off at a hotel for a few hours so we can grab some food and chill for a few hours. We don't really need to meet the boys til later and im sure they will understand why we were late." Tobey's voice asked, hope lacing its way into his voice. He really needed to sleep, driving this long does actually take its toll on you. Julia only nodded, giving tobey the opportunity to sleep. 


Tobey rolled the car up to some shabby motel off the side of the road, and made sure to lock the car. It wasn't exactly the nicest part of town, and anyone could easily grab the ford if they wanted to. Tobey didn't even bother asking julia if she had any bags, he figured if she did she would have shouted up. Tobey sort of half dashed half stumbled into the front desk, using his hands as support so his head didn't fall and wack itself off the wooden surface. He didn't even bother looking back at julia, he just knew she would be there. Ever since he met her he has had this overwhelming sense that no matter where he is or what hes doing Julia will be there. It didn't really matter that julia actually was there, it only made the feeling stronger. Tobey wasn't really a feelings kind of guy, but he had to admit thay it felt good to have a supporting back bone that would always be there supporting him. 


"Two rooms please, under the name marshall." Tobey stated, the woman at the desk nodding from how firm and commanding Tobey's voice was. No more words were passed between the two as Tobey got the keys off her and quickly glanced at the map of the builiding before heading upstairs. She could only manage to get them rooms 45 and 67, meaning they would be seperated. Julia shifted uncomfortably as he tried to open the first door. "Look Tobey. I don't want to be on my own, especially not in this dump. Cant I just share a room with you?" Julia asked, her hands ringing together in fear of what Tobey may say. Tobey nodded and headed to room 67 where he knew they wouldn't get disturbed and Tobey could finally get a full nights sleep.


Tobey wasted no time in unlocking the door and throwing himself onto the bed in the middle of the floor. He didn't really give julia a chance to say anything before sleep overcome him. 

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