Thrill Ride

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEED FOR SPEED MOVIE, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! I do not own the Need for speed movie or the games!
Tobey Marshall is back onto the road.. There will always be new rivals to beat... New racers emerge giving Tobey and the gang new challanges. Who will triumph? And who will fall? Winner takes it all, Loser loses it all..

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7. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Three hours later the sun was slowly making its presence felt by allowing it's beams of light to creep in through the dusty window and cast Tobeys face in a enchanting glow. Julia had given up trying to sleep and took the chair opposite Tobey, next to the window. She had her small iphone resting lightly against her lap. Julia had been staring out of the window, wondering what Tobey would do to protect the ones he loved. She remebered when she herself was in that accident and despite them being hunted down he managed to carry her out of the wreckage. That was before Tobey admitted his feeling to her. Since then, Tobey hadn't said anything else about that hospital visit. Julia wondered if he regreted making his feelings known. After all, Tobey was the type to bottle it up and keep his pride intact.

Julia's swirling thoughts were cut short by a tiny buzz coming from her lap. She picked up her phone and saw who it was. Finn. Julia had to tiptoe into the bathroom to avoid waking Tobey up. Once she got there, she answered her phone quietly.

 "Julia! Thank god we were getting worried! We have tried ringing Tobey's phone but it just goes straight to voice mail. We were getting a bit worried about you guys!" Finn exclaimed, clearly relieved.

"Hey Finn! No need to worry ok. Im fine and so is.... Tobey" Julia sighed.

"Hey, what's up?" Finn asked, worry lacing his voice.

"Tobey seems to be quieter. But then again that might just be the fact he's had no sleep. We are In a motel in san Francisco and he's been asleep for hours. I guess I'm just worried about him..."

"Julia, Tobey is a tough guy. When we are all together we will talk to him. Just get you and him back to the garage safely. See you soon Julia. "

"Bye finn" Julia said, hanging up the phone as she stepped back to look at herself In the dirty mirror. Her hair was slightly muffled and her eyes looked slightly red. She rested her hands on the counter and rubbed her head slowly. She didn't know wether or not to wake him up. Julia decided she was going to wake him up.

With this decision in mind, julia opened the door and started to walk out when she was hugged tightly. Julia's eyebrows kintted together in confusion, when she recognised the deep voice of Tobey talking into her shoulder. "Julia... I'm sorry..." Tobey whispered, His grip on her tightening. Julia couldn't help but feel the emotion building and break down into small tears. Tobey immediately felt his shoulder become slightly damp and realised that Julia was crying. Tobey slowly pulled out of the embrace, but julia just pulled him back in. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, Tobey making soothing noises and rocking them back and forth whilst Julia let out the emotion she had been holding in for months. As much as she loved and respected the guys, They didn't understand her like Tobey did. Tobey had been gone for so long, and Julia didn't know what kind of shape he would be in when he got out. Julia had been waiting for so long to see Tobey again. She needed this hug just to prove he was okay.

"Julia, What's wrong?" Tobey asked soothingly. 

"I... I... I missed you so much Tobey...." Julia said, her voice becoming muffled by Tobeys shoulder. 

"It's okay... I'm here now aren't I?" Tobey asked. Julia simply nodded. Her voice becoming thin and fragile. Tobey once again pulled her out of the embrace and sat her down on the bed. He walked back into the bathroom and noticed her phone was there. This meant that Julia obviously didn't sleep at all and went in here at some point. Tobey grabbed some tissues and her phone and walked back into the bedroom.

Julia was sitting on the bed, and this allowed Tobey to notice how tired she looked. The walls had been let down for Tobey, and this was his chance to show her that he deeply cared for her. "I found this in the bathroom and I grabbed these for you" Tobey said, handing her the phone and the tissues. Julia smiled and cleaned herself up before smiling at Tobey with that grin he knew all too well. "Thank you Tobey. I don't know what came over me.." Julia said, a blush creeping over her pale skin.

"It's okay julia. I'm glad your letting me in. I love you a lot and I hate to see you sad." Tobey whispered, getting up and lightly kissing the top of Julias head. "Come on Julia! We have people to meet and cars to drive!" Tobey exclaimed, picking up their belongings and meeting her at the door, grabbing her hand and leaving the motel room to sit once again in its own dust.

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