Thrill Ride

DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE NEED FOR SPEED MOVIE, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! I do not own the Need for speed movie or the games!
Tobey Marshall is back onto the road.. There will always be new rivals to beat... New racers emerge giving Tobey and the gang new challanges. Who will triumph? And who will fall? Winner takes it all, Loser loses it all..

Bad Summary!


9. Chapter nine


Chapter nine

A chuckle escaped Tobeys thin mouth as he watched each of the mens eyes bulge out of their heads with the wind being knocked out of them from the force of her hugs. Tobey took a moment to put the car in brake and shut it down before looking around the garage and taking in his surroundings. This garage was nothing compared to their original, but he knew that it was key to start up the business in a new area. Considering buying back their old garage was out of the question, at least this way they weren't unemployed and were getting some income, no matter how little it was. For them, Friends and family were more important than money.

The garage had a dirty grey flooring which had some oil puddles under the tall metal structures that are used to hold up any cars that were going to be repaired. Some spray cans littered the tables and he didn't fail to notice a picture of the whole crew before the death of Pete. 

That had been a wonderful day, they had all decided to take a drive and found themselfs on a beautiful mountain side where the trees shook slightly and the water from the valley lapped gently. This made the bottom of the mountains look like a postcard. Not even a storm could destroy the beauty of the lake. As they parked up on the side the small blades of bright green grass crumpled gently without any hesitation which allowed the sports cars to become gripped to the side of the hill...

Tobey was snapped out of his day dream by Benny opening the drivers door and pulling Tobey out of the car. "Tobey! What are you doing still in their man? Come on we have missed you a bit. I mean we had a lot of fun with Julia and no Dino and at some points we thought about you." Benny joked, smacking his arm playfully as he poked his head into the car. He nodded his head in appreciation and looked up at finn and Joe with excitment. "Come on guys.. We have some work to do before the big race!" Benny shouted. Hearing this Tobey snapped his head up sharply. "A race..?" Tobey asked, worry clouding his eyes as each of the men and Julia smirked and high fived before pushing past Tobey and started work on the car...

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