He was right.


1. Joker

He said it only takes one bad day to turn an ordinary person into a lunatic, he was never proven right, but neither was he proven wrong.

I believe that he was right, I am Nicolette Talulah Akshara, In my City, serious people are not allowed, everyone is supposed to smile.

Or The Joker makes you.

The Joker was once normal, but one bad day destroyed that, he rules the City with an iron fist, if they don't smile, then he makes them, and they smile forever. Just like me.

In the old days, I believe they called it a "Glasgow Grin" Nowadays we call it "Smile" For only he can carve it. If anyone dares try to, then they are killed and you get proper treatment, not me. One day, my home was invaded, I was pulled from the safety and security of my room and shoved into a cell. I wasn't fed, so any scraps they gave me were wolfed down hungrily. Then one week, or was it a few hours? I do not know. But later they pulled me from my cell and I was thrown in front of The Joker. He smiled, as he always did, I didn't I looked straight into his eyes, not a trace of happiness on my face and told him to go to hell, he told him that he already went there, and he brought it back with him.

I didn't believe then, I did now.

He took his knife, and before I registered the cut, I had a Smile carved onto my face in a matter of seconds, when I registered the pain, he was already gone, and I was already in a hospital. Being treated for my freakishness. I never smiled, was that too much, I used to laugh, I used to smile, but then I lost everything, I had to rebuild, I suddenly discovered that the world wasn't colourful at all. I discovered the dark, I discovered that there wasn't any colour left in the world. So I stopped smiling, a silent protest for my loss, everyone else had adjusted I hadn't. I liked colour, it was fun, it was different, but now, I am lucky to spot anything in my grayscale world.

I was a freak. I still am, but with a difference.

I discovered that The Joker was right, all it takes is one bad day to turn someone from normal into this, into what I am.

A Freak.


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