(Maybe someday) I'll love again

Maddy had alway been the one that falls the fastest and the furthest. The first guy she loved treated her like garbage and played her, as did the second. Each relationship lasted almost one year then failing. When she meets someone that only the luckiest get to meet, and some how this all turns around because of him. She loved him from the first time she saw him on stage, in 2010. He knew she was his princess from the time he bumped into her in a mall in 2014.
Only bad thing? She is not willing to put her heart on the line, not if it is just going to break again.


2. Chapter Two


I sighed as I walked out of the Dance Studio in New York. This was all busy work; learn a dance, memorize it, teach it, preform, and restart the process. All I can think about now is all the possibilities I have, my manager had just messaged me saying that I had to talk to her as soon as possible, "I have some good news and some bad news, I am at the Cafe down town. Be here ASAP." Read the text that she sent me a little bit ago, and no better time but during my rehearsal with the people I am teaching this weeks dance to. "On my way Den, just left the studio." It was only a two block walk, so I pulled my  MP 3 player out of my small green purse, putting my headphones, when the top flashed a green light at me I presses play and began to jog. In moments my head is full of Kelly Clarkson as Breakaway begins to play.

When the song is over I am in the mall and pulling out my headphones. As I am putting my MP 3 player and head phones back in my purse I bump into someone. Looking up I see a man with his hands in his grey sweatshirt pockets with the white strings swinging around as he quickly puts his sunglasses, that must have fallen of as we ran into each other, back over his eyes and wiping his hands on his black skinny jeans. "So sorry sir. I was on my way to the Cafe and didn't see you."

He nods and says, in a thick Irish accent. "Oh, it's alright. I was just leaving, I got spotted and had to leave." He laughs nervously.

"Oh its alright. Wait aren't you..." say and then whisper. "Niall Horan?"

"Yes. I am... You aren't going to say anything are you?" He looks worried until I shake my head.

"Not if you don't tell Denise that I stopped to talk to you, and don't tell too many people you saw me here." I chuckle nervously.

Taking off his sunglasses he looks at me with wide eyes. "No way, I wasn't sure if that was really you or if it was just someone that looks a hell of a lot like you." Niall smiles and grabs my hand. "It is such a pleasure to meet you, I told the boys that the next time that we came back to New York I was going to try and see if I couldn't meet you. But I think that you covered that for me."

"Hey, look I have a meeting with my dance manager. If we exchange numbers maybe I could find a place with in the next week to fit in a dinner or something and we could talk a little more." I looked at him with hope. If he said "No" that I would probably never see him again. If he said "Yes" then I probably would see him again if we ever had a time when we are in the same place at the same time again.

"Oh, of coarse." He pulled out his phone as I pulled out mine. "So what is your number?" We told each other our numbers and then hugged good-bye. As we did I saw a flash. Looking over I saw paparazzi appear and come running towards us.

"Well I will see you on the front cover of every magazine next month." I joke. Laughing he nods and we both head our ways, the paparazzi following, a practically sprinting, Niall, leaving me in the dust. Not that I mind. Sometimes they really start to get irritating.

At the Cafe I see Denise at a high table by the window, sipping her coffee that she ordered. Walking in I sit down and she glares at me. "I just received some new news, would you care to explain?"  She spins her iPad and shows it to me. They are various pictures of me and Niall from just moments ago. Scrolling through them I see pictures from when we where exchanging phone numbers, hugging, but mostly talking. "Start explaining." She practically spits out her words.

"I was on my way here and I ran into him, we started talking, and then exchanged numbers so we could meet again and talk sometime soon, then we hugged good-bye. We didn't see the photographers until after we hugged." As I spoke her face softened.

"That is it?" She laughed. "Rumors spread that you two are secretly dating and that you two came here to shop and then you got a text from me, I was going to be pissed if that was true." Pulling out her phone she muttered under her breath. "Maria will be so glad." Closing out of the photo app she goes to the email app and it is business.

"Before we start that, who is Maria?" I ask. As soon as I ask she looks up, and I get the feeling that I ether don't want to know and that I will be sorry I asked.

"Maria, she is Nialls' girlfriend, and recently he was spotted in a jewelry store picking out what is rumored to be an engagement wring." Denise smiles weakly, knowing how much I love that band, and that Niall is my weak point.

"Oh." Is all I say, then we continue.

"Good news first. We have many people that want you to dance for them. The first one on the list, I know has been on your bucket list since your first time dancing, but we just can't, that is just too big of a step for you right now." I nod and she continues. "The second is a little girl in a hospital, she sent you a letter asking if for her sixteenth birthday you would come and dance for her and make her last birthday a special one."

"Last birthday?" I ask, wishing that it doesn't mean what I am thinking it means.

"She got cancer and they have found it unreachable. She has decided to stop chemo, and rather than continue reaching for the stars, just go home until she passes away." Denise is unaffected by that but I am practically in tears.

"Tell her 'yes'." I whisper.

Nodding Denise continues. "The next one is a band looking up for a back up dancer, and apparently they are asking for you." This is why I hate Denise, she can be really nice at times but others she just puts me down. At the end of the year I am going to look for another manager for me. I just can't take her anymore.

"Do we know who they are?" I ask twisting a strand of my hair in my hand.

"No, all it says is it is a group of, oh singers, and they are very popular. Girls. Something about small mix." She reads the email.

"Little Mix?" I practically squeal.

"Yeah, I don't know, I think that this a little to big for you." Still looking at her email.

"Tell them yes." I insist.

"Did you not hear what I just said?" She looked up.

"I heard you perfectly. You didn't seem to hear me correctly though." I take a breath. "Tell them yes."

"I will tell them that you are still thinking." She presses the reply button.

"No you will not, you will reply saying that I will do that job, you don't reply with that you are out of a job." I look directly into her eyes as she again looks up. "Now if there is another one start reading or tell me the bad news because I have things to do."

"The bad news is, um." She changes emails and reads it to me.

"We are sorry to say that we have been told that we are to tell you that we can no longer host your dance classes in our ball room. We give you this notice two days a head, in hope that is enough time to collect your things and find a new location, we have a few below suggested for you." She read off locations, all of them far enough that only a few of my students would still be able to make it to. Nodding I stand up.

"If that is it I kindly ask that you let me get back to my work with the students and let them know the news. She nods and reality sinks in that I just lost my biggest job and that it is a great thing that I said yes to Little Mix or I would soon be out of a job that will last long term, or at least I hope this will be long term.


Never did I think once about how lucky I am, first meeting Niall Horan, then getting a job request from Little Mix. I didn't think about that until I was on my way to a sweet sixteen party for a girl that was sick and asked for me to dance, not alone (I soon figured that out) she wanted me to dance with another dancer, that was her last wish. And that I was going to do.

I pulled out my phone and called the dancer that got me famous, to ask him if he would be willing to help.

"Hello, Derek?"


Hello readers!! Hope you enjoyed the update! Much longer than the first chapter isn't it? Still not as long as I would like, but it will get there.

Hope you like it!!

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