(Maybe someday) I'll love again

Maddy had alway been the one that falls the fastest and the furthest. The first guy she loved treated her like garbage and played her, as did the second. Each relationship lasted almost one year then failing. When she meets someone that only the luckiest get to meet, and some how this all turns around because of him. She loved him from the first time she saw him on stage, in 2010. He knew she was his princess from the time he bumped into her in a mall in 2014.
Only bad thing? She is not willing to put her heart on the line, not if it is just going to break again.


4. Chapter Four


As we worked on the last third of the dance I was finally getting the dance and the foot work and was ready to run the whole dance. "Two three four, other foot." or not quite yet. "Good job, there you go. Then I set you down and you run off to hug the sick girl."

"Let's take a break now." I gasp out of breath we have gone through each part at least three times and it was time for us to take a breather. "How about we go down to the little sandwich shop down the road?"

"Yeah, sure. I could go for lunch now." He reaches for a water bottle that was just a few feet away from where we finished the routine. "You are buying." He jokes pointing his phone at me with a smirk.

"Oh, alright. I mean it isn't like I don't have bills, flights and a crappy manager to pay on top of the huge price of a healthy meal, how will I ever pay it all?" I joke back and nudge his stomach.

"That is right. I don't know, maybe I will pay, I can't let my little sister starve." He throws his arm to his forehead with really crappy drama skills. 

"Har har. Lets go before all the good sandwiches are gone." I pick up my purse and jog out the door. When Derek catches up to me he grabs my hips and pulls me back. Laughing  I playfully punch him in the stomach and run. When paparazzi turns up we act the same, but they seem to think that we are dating... We tried that once to be honest, but we are too much like brother and sister, and when we kissed, it was like I was kissing my brother, it was all just awkward, and ever since we have kept our secret fling a secret.

"No, we are not dating, she is too much like a sister to me. Now can we please go get some sandwiches without you all following us or will we have to call body guards to help us?" Derek is visibly irritated and the paps see that so most of them leave, only a few tag along getting food them selves.



After lunch we walked back to the studio with no paparazzi bothering us this time, thanks to the fact that there was another place that they had to go, apparently. Back in the studio we ran the dance from start to end and had most of it down, even the two transitions. After running it again we decided to call it a day.

"Bye Derek." I give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks again. I will see you tomorrow."

"Yeah see you tomorrow Maddy." His enormous arms wind around my back lifting me off the ground and then placing me back down. "See you tomorrow."

As I am leaving I get mobbed by cameras, and people asking questions. Usually I bow my head and walk until I get to my car but one question caught my attention; "Do you think that Niall Horan dumped Maria for you?" I paused as I was walking, and then quickly continued.

"Would you kindly get out of my way before I call the police and my body guards? Thank you." I walk through the crowd with tears brimming my eyes. This is not what I wanted, of course I want to be in a relationship but I do not in any means want to be the cause of any couples break up. In my car I check my phone, seeing a text from Niall saying call me when you have the chance, I open the text and say "Calling now.(:".

Turning on my car I call him, putting him on speaker I back out of my spot and drive off talking to Niall.

(N- Niall, M- Maddy)

N- Hey Maddy, good to see that you called!

M- Thanks, good to be calling.

N- Yeah, so um. Do you want to maybe come over and have dinner or something?

M- I would love to.

N- That is great.

M- But...

N- But what?

M- What about Maria.

N- I broke up with her weeks ago.

M- Really? People are saying that you just broke up with her and that you where going to get an engagement wring also that I am the reason that you two called the wedding off..

N- Who's saying that?

M- Practically everyone...

N- Well they are all wrong. Any ways, how about that dinner?

M- Dinner sounds great.

N- Alright, how about a picnic? I will pick you up about five o'clock?

M- Perfect! See you then. Oh and, the internet has my address right, I am sure you already know that.

N- Yeah, it is weird how they figure out!

M- True, see you at five.

N- Bye,

M- Bye, see you then.

I ended the call and put down my phone... I am going on my first date in almost five years with some one that I have adored for nearly that long.

This is all so crazy but also so much to look forward too.

Only one question left.


What in the heck am I going to wear?



Long time no write!! I am so sorry, and it is also really short but I didn't want to put anything else in the chapter so I had to cut it off there. If you want to see the dances that I have them doing the links will be below, personally I think that they all fit together nicely in the order that I have them in. So that is about it. So yeah. Comment below, anything and everything and thanks for reading!! The next chapter will be much longer and much sooner then the last. 

Love you all, thanks again.

Callie xox

(and here are the links as promised.)


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