(Maybe someday) I'll love again

Maddy had alway been the one that falls the fastest and the furthest. The first guy she loved treated her like garbage and played her, as did the second. Each relationship lasted almost one year then failing. When she meets someone that only the luckiest get to meet, and some how this all turns around because of him. She loved him from the first time she saw him on stage, in 2010. He knew she was his princess from the time he bumped into her in a mall in 2014.
Only bad thing? She is not willing to put her heart on the line, not if it is just going to break again.


5. Chapter Five

(Maybe Someday) I'll love again.




"So tell me more about you." Niall spoke with a mouth full of a subway sandwich.


"Well." I sighed smacking my hands down on my legs. "I am a dancer, who is getting my studio shut down. A little sick girl asked me do dance for her on her sixteenth birthday, so Derek Hough and I are working on a routine. And when all of that drama is over I will be dancing for little mix on their second half of their tour." Opening my small bag of chips I look up through my auburn bangs. "What else do you want to know?"


"What don't I know about you?" Niall takes another bite, thinking. "I know your name is Madelyn Rose, I know you are an only child, I know that you have been through tragic breakups. I know that you are bourn on St. Paddies day, and you are Irish. Tell me something that I do not know about you."


"Well I love music, and dancing of course. Someday I wish to visit Irland. And when I am not dancing I am helping my church." I bring my potato chip to my lips.


"Interesting. Now what is your favorite color?" He takes his last bite of his sandwich.


"Blue." I instantly reply.


"Food?" He questions chewing.


"Umm I don't know." I honestly say.


"What would you do if I stole your chips and ran away?" He asks leaning in.


"Chase after you and get my chips back." I move the bag closer to me and lay back. Closing my eyes I listen as the breeze rushes through the trees around us. As I listen I hear a chip bag crinkle and foot steps, running. Opening my eyes I tilt my head to see Niall laughing and running with my chips. Hopping up I start running after him, as I promised. With light feet I began making paths following him with him not realizing how close I was getting. When we reached another clearing, one that feels like it should hold Edward and Bella. Stopping I watch as Niall turns around.


"Madelyn Rose, tell me more about you." He eats MY chips with a smirk.


"Maddy." I correct him. "And well, that is about it." Shrugging I lay down in the middle of the meadow.


"On contrary. It isn't. I don't know every little nit-pickey thing that you love, hate, do, will never do, your favorite song, the song you can't stand, your favorite book, quote." He breaths. "Madelyn Rose, I want to know it all."


"There is only so much time in a day Niall." I smile looking down, my hair falling into my face. "But next time, you bring a list of questions and I will answer them, ok?" I look back up. "But now I have more practicing to do." I start walking back to the blanket in the other clearing, the clearing that held my gym bag, our lunch that I didn't quite finish, the picnic basket, and now, memories of the best first date anyone could ask for. As I am walking. Niall starts to jog from beside me to in front of me, stopping about four feet in front of me and crouching to the ground.


"Piggy back ride?" He smirks over his shoulder. Nodding I climb onto his back. As he stands up he starts jogging again. "So." He breaks the comfortable silence. "You said you have to practice, a am taking a guess that it is dancing. Along with my guess I am wondering where it takes place of you are getting your dance studio shut down."


"I make space in my living room and watch from doors, windows, and mirror reflections as I dance." I lay my hands on his shoulders and my head on top of his. "If you want to come over and watch this afternoon, maybe even learn a bit of the routine, you are more than welcome."


"That offer, I might just have to take." He said as we entered our clearing. Jumping down I walked to pick up the picnic things that we had left out. After we packed the food and Niall was folding the blanket rain clouds quickly start to roll in. In the distance they heard thunder and saw a crack of lightning. Grabbing the picnic basket I sprinted for cover in the trees.


"Well. This was an interesting date." I laughed pushing him with my shoulder a bit.


"Date?" Niall spoke, and then paused. "You considered this a date?"


"Yeah." I speak, no longer thinking this was a date. It was just two people getting to know each other. "I did. But now I can see it wasn't." I fake a smile and keep walking.


"I didn't mean it like that." He walks in front of me with his hands out as if he was a beginner in Karate. "I wasn't sure if you would want to call this a date or not so I was surprised when you did."


Nodding I fake a smile. "Okay." I whisper and he walks back to my side.


"So Madelyn Rose." He sucks in a deep breath. "Tell me about your past." We arrive at his car and put the picnic things in the back seat and I hop in the passenger side.


"Well, I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember, longer really. Umm. I have had three boyfriends, each of them turning out to be horrible, horrible people. I have six best friends back home in Iowa. My family is the biggest inspiration of mine, everything I do is for them." I pause thinking about what else to say. "Did I miss anything?" I look over to Niall.


Shaking his head he opens his mouth. "What made these boys so horrible people?"


"Well the first began drinking and smoking really young and, I didn't know this then, but he was manipulative, liar, and, just not the best company if you ask me, or anyone really. The second had two different personalities, one for around me, and another for around every one else, and only the one I knew was the on that I really liked. The third, well he was just not a good person at all, and it took me a year to figure that one out." I sigh as the car comes to a halt at a stop light.


"Oh, I am sorry. If I am asking too much or prying into what you don't want to talk about let me know and we can stop talking about you." He clutches the steering wheel as the light turns green. Off we go on our way back to my house.


"No, it's fine. I am used to talking about that..." I pause. "Denise makes me talk about it.. all the time."


"Oh." Niall states glancing over. "Why don't you just fire her then?"


"I really want to, but I have been told to wait until the end of the contract year. Giving me eight more months with the witch."


"Wow, that is a while." Niall is short with his answer, obviously thinking. "Who holds the contract?"


"I do, it is in my desk drawer, why?" I ask as we are turning into the apartments parking lot.


"Burn it. Then there is no contract you have to bid by." Niall parks in a spot and we both hop out walking to my apartment. Felling my phone vibrate I pull it out seeing that Denise. You and Niall again? What is Maria going to say? What do I tell her? How do I explain this to any one who asks? Sighing I pull out my keys and stash my phone in my purse. Opening the door I walk in, heading straight for the kitchen. Opening the fridge I turn to Niall.


"I am guessing that you would like an alcoholic beverage?" I look over the fridge door to see a nodding Niall. "Beer, Whine, Mikes Hard Lemonade, or shots?"


"Beer would be great." I hear Niall walk into the kitchen.


"Fat Tire or Bush?" Again I ask. 


"I will take a Fat Tire I suppose." He speaks taking one from my hand, me grabbing my open whine bottle and a glass.


Two hours later Niall and I are still drinking and talking. Me, I am hammered. Niall, he is getting there. When I remember that Denise had text me I decide to call her. With my mind foggy I press her name and speaker phone.


(D- Denise, M- Maddy)


D- Hello, I see that you FINALLY decide to talk.

M- Oh, calm down, I have company.

D- Have you been drinking.

M- Just a smidgen of whine. Maybe half a bottle.

D- I think you should let up.

M- Not till Niall does.

D- Niall is there.

M- Maybe, kinda sorta *giggles*.

D- But Maria...

M- Maria and Niall broke up a loooongg time ago.

D- But at the jeweler.

M- Fired.

D- What?

M- That is what you are. Fired.

D- You can't fire me. The contract.

M- And where is that contract?

D- Locked away in your studio.

M- WRONG. My studio kicked me out. It is burning in my hand right now, above my candle.

D- You wouldn't.

M- I would and I am Denise. Buh bye.

D- No, please lis....

I hung up. And throw what wasn't burning fast enough into the fireplace. Niall and I drank a bit more and crashed. Only he remembering the phone call the next morning.


Long time no write! Soo sorry about that guys. Lots of things have been going on. But I am back and will be (hopefully) writing very often rather than here and there.

Any how.

Comment guys, I only have one person commenting. I know you all can do so much better.

Ether way. I love you guys. Write to you later.

Callie xox

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