Chloe is an outcast.
Stefan gets the ladies with his gorgeous and charming looks.
But he isn't what he seems to be.
Chloe sets to find out- that would also mean adventuring into the deeper world, and the dark and good side of things.
She isn't alone though.
Can she save the entire town from getting dominated from the bloodsuckers?
JabberJayxX is the best place to go to for front covers ^_^


5. 5

The dream happened again. Only this time the girl with white wings was smiling, although she was still alone in the sky. And the sky was grey and murky as well, the smell was so fresh that I felt the cool breeze shiver over her. I don't know what these dreams mean, or why I have them, but whenever I think about them I get a strange nervous feeling coursing in my body system that makes me collapse on to the ground in tears. So far, it hasn't happened with Stefan. And yet, I think I feel really close with him- only, I think my body doesn't. Maybe that's why I still haven't  had this mental break down with him yet. We're at his house, he has a mansion, filled with expensive luxuries and everyday facilities. More bedrooms then needed. 

Should I tell him?

Should I tell him that my mind wants everyone away from me, but my body wants him near me? No- I can't, I'll wait until the break down, and then explain things after. Who am I kidding? Who would want to know some one like me? Surely Stefan is speaking to me for a reason- like... homework- or he's just looking for a good punching bag to take his anger out on. I don't know, but he mustn't fall for me. My doctor told me, that I can't love otherwise it could get deeper. My dreams, at that. I sighed and combed my hair back with my fingers, suddenly feeling hot. Stefan looked down at me, with his eyes narrowed and his eyebrows raised in confusion. 

    "Are you okay?" He asked, hugging me, thinking it was a way to make me feel okay again. 

I wasn't okay. I collapsed awkwardly in his arms, my entire body system became weak and limp. I felt feverish. Stefan's eyes grew wide in horror, and he tried pulling me up with effort. My eye lids felt heavy, I wasn't trying to close them deliberately... they just did. 

     "Chloe- the hell? Wake up!" He shook my body helplessly, he was struggling to figure out what to do with me. I didn't say anything. Why? Oh god, he thinks I've fainted. I tried to say something, but nothing came out. But my eye-sight came blurry, there was a rippled effect forming in my eyes, and ice cold tears trickled down my rosy cheeks. Warm heat travel led up my spine, but I still didn't bother to make any sign saying that I was alive. 

Hopefully, when I wake up, I'll explain everything to him. 


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