Chloe is an outcast.
Stefan gets the ladies with his gorgeous and charming looks.
But he isn't what he seems to be.
Chloe sets to find out- that would also mean adventuring into the deeper world, and the dark and good side of things.
She isn't alone though.
Can she save the entire town from getting dominated from the bloodsuckers?
JabberJayxX is the best place to go to for front covers ^_^


4. 4

Stefan walked me over towards my house. It wasn't much, but it had been like the Doctor's tardis. Small on the outside, huge on the inside. Three siblings and one mother. My dad ran off with some one when I was just born- so my mum struggled with us ever since.  My house had been made into a fantasy scene. My family had a strange obsession over fantasy stuff. The front of the house had been pure green grass, and a cobble stone driveway for our family Ford car to rest peacefully on. I headed for the double hazel brown oak doors, but before I did, Stefan placed his muscular hands on my shoulders as if he had been preventing me too. I didn't want to face him, because he had been just an inch away from me. I tried avoiding his eyes that made my knees weak whenever I focused on them. 

       'I'm not sure if you should go in there, Chloe...' He started, feeling sympathy for me. 

I blinked in surprise, suddenly noticing my heart rate was rapidly moving. 

     'Why?' I asked, suddenly feeling shifty and confused.  Stefan's hand slipped of my shoulder blade slowly. There had been an awkward- confusing feeling in the air.  I gulped slowly, but it was hard for me to swallow a lump of air. 

    'Just do whatever...'  He suddenly sounded aggressive, and he was... sniffling. As if he was preventing tears. I walked over and opened the door with my keys.

The house had been filled with deadly silence. I looked around awkwardly and uncomfortably, and made my way around the house. 

No one had been in the kitchen.

No one had been in the bedrooms.

Or the bathrooms. 

They were all lying on the family rooms floor, and the creamy marble carpet had dark red splattered everywhere in numerous places.  They hadn't been moving. Stefan placed his broad rough hand on my shoulder, making me look up at him in surprise. 

     'You're a seeker, Chloe,' He told me. 

I glanced back over towards my dead family, tears pouring down my face like a water fall. 

I knew I hadn't been normal. 

Even my family's death didn't quite so bother me as much as expected. 

     'A what?' I asked, looking confused as I stared at my lifeless family. Stefan sighed uneasily. 

    'You can see the future, like me, and we're going to save this world,' 

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