Chloe is an outcast.
Stefan gets the ladies with his gorgeous and charming looks.
But he isn't what he seems to be.
Chloe sets to find out- that would also mean adventuring into the deeper world, and the dark and good side of things.
She isn't alone though.
Can she save the entire town from getting dominated from the bloodsuckers?
JabberJayxX is the best place to go to for front covers ^_^


3. 3

[Song to listen to- Black stone cherry: White trash millionaire]

Before we went to open the glass, see through double doors, three stereo typical mean girls shoved their way to see the new kid. One of them had been blonde, creamy pale skin, blemish free- and always wore pink to school. The two beside her, had dark black hair and mousy colored hair. They had minimal clothing, the two minions. Mini skirt, mini shorts, and 'River Island' t-shirts with matching bags. The blonde one struck out a pose, placing both hands on her hips frustratingly. 

       'Stefan baby, what are you doing with the freak?' The blonde girl had been Brooke Pierce. The richest girl, and the most popular one. She gets everything she wants and everyone's darkest secrets. So if you get on her bad side, you'll know what's coming. I gulped slowly, instantly releasing the arm link between myself and Stefan, and I stood there awkwardly, feeling everyone's gaze laying upon me. I'm starting to get the impression that I really had been different. Everyone looked at me as if I had killed someone, as if I had been their true enemy. 

But the true enemy had been Brooke, not me. 

     'Look, I don't care of what your bitchy comments have to be Brooke.'  Stefan started, raising one hand in surrender. 

     'I don't care whether I'm on your shit list either, so do me a favor, back off before any permanent damage is done.' Stefan ordered sternly, and he had given her a daunting glare. I swore, I saw Brooke's eyes flash with shock and pure betrayal. The whole hallway whispered in excitement, as if this hadn't happened before. The whole hallway was gossiping as if it had been an intriguing argument. He looked like an avenging angel, protecting someone he barely knew.

That someone, had been me.

He didn't know me well, but he still did it.

He saved me from humiliation.

     'Fine,' Brooke suddenly started, sounding completely annoyed. She stopped for a moment, wondering what to think of her evil master mind plot just to get back at Stefan who had seemed... to reject her.  My eyes suddenly grew wide, realizing what's coming next. 

He'll end up like me. 

     'If you want to play like that, then I will. You have no idea who you are messing with dick,' She spat, twirling round back towards the crowd. She struck one last pose, gesturing the crowd to make a pathway for her and her two slaves. Every guy had done flirtatious whistles at the three mean girls. Brooke sounded like a poisonous snake when she had been arguing with Stefan. 

I wondered if it was all my fault.   We ignored everything and everyone around us, and headed out of the door, as if it was the gateway to freedom.

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