Chloe is an outcast.
Stefan gets the ladies with his gorgeous and charming looks.
But he isn't what he seems to be.
Chloe sets to find out- that would also mean adventuring into the deeper world, and the dark and good side of things.
She isn't alone though.
Can she save the entire town from getting dominated from the bloodsuckers?
JabberJayxX is the best place to go to for front covers ^_^


2. 2

I strolled down the school halls, being shoved in the process on the way to my locker. I didn't take it personally. I hadn't been the only one that had been shoved in the halls numerous times. But as I walked over to my locker, it had been spray painted and graffiti had been imprinted on. It had been in bold, bright colors, it was strange really, bright colors for such a venomous insult. 


I collapsed onto the ground, everyone was staring at me as if I truly had been a freak. Just because I hadn't been popular. I didn't need to deserve this. My body was heating up, and it hadn't been the same sort of feeling I had with Stefan either. This had been hatred, and pure anger. I clenched my fists tightly with anger, along with my jaw. My eye sight was beginning to get blurry, and as the water poured in my eyes- it became almost like a rippled effect. Then I heard soft footsteps approach from behind. I slightly peered around the corner, scanning up at Stefan. I pulled myself up together, and stumbled over my own foot again. Crash landing onto Stefan. I danced backwards, suddenly feeling bright red.  People were gathering in a circle, as if they were crows gathering in large flocks. Laughing, smirking, gossiping and making pointless insults. 

        'Chloe,' He started, with his voice sounding expressionless. He peered around to look at my locker, which used to be spray painted free. I gulped slowly, rubbing my sweaty palms on my denim jeans. Stefan's voice was British- with one of those posh, charming accents. Everyone immediately turned silent from the sound of his voice. 

        I nodded slowly at him, as if  I had been greeting him silently. 

        'Come with me, my secret is now going to be revealed,' Stefan gestured the door that would let me escape from hell freely. And waited patiently for my arm to link into his. 

For some reason, I thought it was a bad idea. But at the same time- a completely good one. As if I was about to go on an adventure. But they never exist in my world. Something about this secret frightened me. 

I wasn't sure what it was.  

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