-"I was alive, I felt it, so full of unsightly sins and hate, hate for the world knowing hate for letting it all out.......... but now.......... I'm free!"-

Natalie is a girl who is burdened with nasty sins and secrets that the world, yet doesn't know, but everything changes when this book is complete. Everything including every little nasty and dirty secret, everything, but one..........

Although this book is a fan fiction the secrets are real.


1. Author's Note

This complete book is fiction and so are all the characters. Warning:  All of the secrets are real and are either the authors' secret or secrets of people they may know. They have the full permission from the owners of the secrets to publish them in this book anonymously. Please note that if you have a secret that's really bad (although it doesn't have to be) then you could write it down in the comments and then delete that comment, so we can add it to the book secretly not mentioning names, this is a good idea because then you can get rid of the fact that you're keeping the secret and you'd feel more relieved. Please note, that we won't judge you if you write down the secret in the comments and we wouldn't take the mickey out of you or anything like that. If that is the case, and you don't want to write your secret down because 1) Your scared someone else will see it too, or 2) Your scared we will make fun of you, then be sure that we won't, because we have written down many of our very embarrassing and dark secrets here so it wouldn't be fair. Please feel free to write down as many secrets as you wish to, in the comments. Thank you!

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