*thanks to @SnowyWriter who did the amazing cover!*
Ember notices something strange about the boy.
His prescence dazzles her. There's something, strange, about him.
Her stepdads away because of ghastly coincidences,
Who is Ridian?
WHAT is Ridian?
Will she go with her head, or her heart?


2. Ridian-prologue

My lungs were screaming at me, my legs aching from the sprinting. Not now, i told myself. She needs me now.

The woodland looked different at night, shadows laughed mockingly,

The darkness smirked menacingly.

I was all alone.

Who would have thought that this time last month I'd be here, looking for her.

All the past moments until today couldn't have prepared me for what I'd have to do.

My instincts told me to run.

My heart told me to stay.

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