*thanks to @SnowyWriter who did the amazing cover!*
Ember notices something strange about the boy.
His prescence dazzles her. There's something, strange, about him.
Her stepdads away because of ghastly coincidences,
Who is Ridian?
WHAT is Ridian?
Will she go with her head, or her heart?


4. Ridian

The new girl was with her. Agnes? Agathata? Whatever.

Her cobalt eyes looked familiar. My senses picked her up from a few streets away. Nervousness and fear are very strong emotions. I remember Theo telling me something about a new kid, to be honest I expected a boy, the way he talks about her.

"Whoa, Rids, Wat uppppp!" I turned to see Sammy, his tousled wavy hair trying to do the I-just-got-out-of-bed look. He is also a sibling of Agnes(?) 

"So," he adds, "see the hot girl staying with me and Abs," 


"What about her?" I reply acidly. The trees were blowing in the breeze, playing a silent symphony. A squirrel dashed through the undergrowth, five seconds of risk taking, just to admire a view.

Sammy looked taken aback, his square eyes all weepy anew. A few moments of quietness was interrupted by the softness of the wind. Sammy coughed, wheezing, "Her names Ember, don't tell anyone but..."

My glare hurried Danny's larynx to gather the correct sounds.

"She's Dominic Slates stepdaughter."

"The Dominic Slate?" I asked, trying to disguise my curiosity, a feral hand escaped my consciousness, and rubbed my matted hair.

Sammy grinned wily, he had an eyebrow raised, "The very one."

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