*thanks to @SnowyWriter who did the amazing cover!*
Ember notices something strange about the boy.
His prescence dazzles her. There's something, strange, about him.
Her stepdads away because of ghastly coincidences,
Who is Ridian?
WHAT is Ridian?
Will she go with her head, or her heart?


3. Ember

Three Months earlier


I never expected to be here, in America, so far from home. Then I think of Dominic. My stepdad. My only family left. 

The wind whistled tirelessly in the breeze. The sun hugged me, never letting me go because of the years we spent apart. 

A girl of my age headed up to me, smiling. Her dark chocolate hair contrasted with my scarlet locks. Her face was inviting, the smile shouted a thousand welcomes, her kind grey eyes were round, her lashes were so long and perfect, Bambi would have been jealous.

"Ember?" She said, without a hint of sarcasm at my name. Yes, my birth name is Ember Claret Rose O'Fox. See a recurring theme? 

"That's me," I said, chittering nervously. 

"I'm Abigail Sanders, but call me Abby!" The girl said, "My mom's Sicily, you'll be staying with us."

"Call me Em," I say, smiling.


Abby and I were walking to the Sanders' house as it wasn't far from our meeting place.

"So, Em," Abby said, " Why are you here?"

My elongated pause makes her add quickly, "Not In a rude way, I'm just curious."

I tear away from the pavement and look at her. The expression on her face told me she was genuinely concerned.

"Well," I start, "I-" 

But before I could finish, a radiant boy, dazzles me, making me stop in my tracks. His piercing golden eyes communicate with me. I'm sure I have seen him before.

"Ember? Helloooooo?"

When Abby said My name, the boy looked up. Catching my gaze, he quickly looked away.

Puzzled, I asked Abby, "Who's that?"

Turning around, she said, "That, my friend, is the one and only Ridian Wilk."

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