Change your life

When Taylor and her friend Kacie decides to attend a party for the first time of their life, it completely changes their life's. Taylor and Kacie accidently bumps in to the school's most popular boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Their known for being nice, but not to people like Taylor and Kacie, the quiet ones.

Taylor is a teenage girl at 18, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Which means at the school, she's invisible, nobody knows who she is. But that will soon turn out to change... A lot


3. The party

Taylor's pov

I took on some mascara and finished up my make-up. I must say, I look good. 
I take a look at Kacie, who looks way more prettier. 
' Oh my god, can you stop being a babe? I'm jealous of you! ' I said making her laugh.
' What? I need to look good for Harry. ' She said and smirked. I just shaked my head.
' You've already whiled him in. ' I said and exited the bathroom.

I didn't have anybody who would actually look at me and think ' Wow, she's so beautiful. ', which is really annoying, but I'm happy for Kacie, I really am. 

We walked downstairs and just waited until we could leave, when I got a text message. 

From: Louis :-)

Change in plans, we come pick you up. We want to be gentleman's you know! x :)

To: Louis :-)

Good, I was starting to think that you weren't. 

From: Louis :-)

Watch it, or else I'm going to give you a payback tonight!

To: Louis :-)

Ok, sorry. forgive me? 

From: Louis :-)

Always x

It's actually a bit weird how Louis talks to me, he's sweet and caring, but when he talks to other girls he's like really rude and NOT caring! I don't know what it is, but it actually makes him so much more attractive. 

'ooh, You and Louis? Nice! ' I heard Kacie say beside me, I looked at her and shaked my head.
' Yes! You smiled like a freak, you're so in love! ' Kacie kept on, how is it even possible to fall in love so quickly, I'm not in love!
' It's to early, I don't know him. '  I said and looked at my hands.
' Face it, Taylor! He's has been sitting next to you for about 2 years, same with Harry, I've always kept an eye on him. You know I liked him last year? Yeah, it doesn't matter if you don't know him. You know atleast WHO he is. ' She said, and had a point. But still, I'm not in love.

We heard a cardoor being slammed who interupted our conversation. Then someone knocked on the door. Both of us literally hurried over to the door, and once we opened it. The boys were standing there, looking handsome. Kacie didn't want to lose a second with Harry, so she basically jumped in his arms. 

Louis smiled at me and laughed.
' Ready to leave? ' Louis asked not breaking the eye contact. I nodded.

While we were sitting in the car, Kacie and Harry were talking about everything, I promise you. I heard it all, and they are just getting to know eachother better, and I just smiled to myself knowing my bestfriend is happy. 

I sat next to Liam while Zayn sat infront with Louis, and Niall drove with another car, with a girl in it. Probably his girlfriend. 

When we entered the party, there were alot of sound and it was difficult to keep up with the boys. 

Of course I lost them. Now I was standing in the middle of nowhere all by myself. Kacie held Harry's hand so she wouldn't get lost. Why didn't I held her hand or something.. Great. 

I started walking the way I thought they might have went, and to my suprise. All of them were there. Louis looked a little confused, he was clearly looking for something, or someone. 
He looked at me, and relaxed. 
' Shit, where the hell were you? ' Louis said and hugged me. Well, this is weird. 
' I got lost, Louis. Relax. ' I said laughing to hide the awkwardness. Still he didn't let go.
He looked at me and just smiled, don't kiss me, don't kiss me! 
' You're so beautiful, Taylor. ' Louis said, and it didn't even make me blush, or have butterflies in my stomach. It was just, annoying.. What the hell, and I even know why!

Since he comes to me 2 fucking years after, when I've been sitting there with him the whole time and tell's me that I'm pretty, he's obviously out for something. 
' uh ' is all I managed to say before running out of his hands and in to the crowd. For some odd reason I started to cry, I know I don't like Louis. I can't like him. Although it hurts like hell that he didn't make a move before, I can admit, I had a crush on him last year. But I was stupid, and I didn't even think about what would happen if we talked.

I sat down in a corner and just needed to calm myself down. A guy who came by saw me and sat down beside me, he looked good I must say.
' What's wrong, why are you crying? ' He asked, and I just looked at him.
' Just a stupid reason. ' I answered, he got up and reached his hand out for me. I took it, and got up. 
' I'm Luke by the way. ' he smiled at me. 
' Taylor. ' I smiled back.

We walked to the kitchen and he made me a drink, I really need it. Like really. 
He gave it to me and I literally jugged it all down. 
' Hey! eazy! ' Luke said taking the red cup away from me.
' I'm sorry. ' I said looking all sad again.
' Don't be. ' Luke said pushing my head up again with his index finger.
He just smiled at me with his perfect smile.. 

Someone bumped into me so that I got pushed onto Luke, and it was like it was all planned, he held his hands at my waist and held tight so I couldn't walk away. Not that I wanted.
' Dance with me, I love this song. ' Luke said, I shaked my head.
' I can't dance, I need another drink then. Maybe ten. ' I said making Luke laugh. I took alot's of jugs until I felt dizzy, then went out to the floor with Luke. At first I couldn't stand straight. 
' You shouldn't drink so much, babe. ' Luke said, when he said babe I felt the butterflies, what is this! I smiled at him and started dancing with him, it was a bit sexy I must say.

I danced up against him, and yes. I could feel his hard dick and it was emberassing! 
' Luke, what the fuck man! ' I heard Harry's voice then I saw his face, but Kacie wasn't there or neither was the rest of the boys. 
' Hey Harry! ' I said trying to stand up, but failed. Harry caught me.
' How much did you gave her? ' Harry laughed at Luke, I bet their bestfriends.
' She gave herself actually. ' Luke answered, I heard the whole conversation. But I couldn't answer.
' What the hell are you doing here man? I thought you were in Australia! ' Harry said and tapped Luke's shoulder.
' Nope, I didn't leave after all. ' Luke said and smiled. 
' Nice. ' Harry said, then looked at me I looked back.
' Louis is looking for you. ' Harry said. I shaked my head.
' I don't want him. ' I said. Harry laughed confused.
' What do you mean? ' Harry said, and by now I should've shut up, but I didn't.
' I don't want HIM! ' I said, Harry raised his eyebrow.
' He doesn't want you either, so that's fine. ' Harry said, and I don't understand a thing. 
' He's dating Eleanor Calder, she's a cheerleader. ' Harry said, of course she is... But why did Louis flirt with me then? ... 

I walked back to the others with Harry and Luke, and when Niall and Liam saw Luke they hurried over to him and basically jumped on him so he lost the grip of me, and I almost fell, but Harry being the good friend he is, catched me, 
' Thanks. ' I said, Taylor.. Stop making a fool out of yourself!
' Your welcome. ' He smiled at me, what's up with this smiling...
Kacie came over and hugged me, then she looked at Harry and she didn't even smile. He walked away without even saying a word.
' He's a dick. ' Kacie suddenly says. 
' Yeah, I know. I didn't know he was dating Eleanor Calder... ' I said, thinking she talked about Louis.
' No, I was talking about Harry. ' Kacie answers. 
' What?? you were so cute. ' I said making a sad face.
' That was before he told everyone he's crazy about you. Then him and Niall started to fight over you. Then Louis made Harry get the hell away because I got hurt. I guess that's were he found you guys. ' She answered and I just dont understand a single thing..
Harry is good looking and all, but he's not my type at all. I wouldn't do that to my bestfriend either.
We decided to leave the party, and took a cab.

When we got home, we went straight to bed. I was fast asleep, but woke up by a text message. Which I usually do. 

From: Unknown

Hey Taylor, where are you? It's Harry. 

To: Harry

At home with my hurting friend, you hurt her. 

From: Harry

I know... I'm sorry. 

From: Harry

Do you want to hang out tomorrow? 

To: Harry

Uhm, I don't know Harry.. 

From: Harry

Just as friends... 

To: Harry

Then I will hang out with you. Goodnight. :)

From: Harry

Goodnight Tayloooor

I put my phone back on the night table and layed back down on my pillow, then I fell asleep quickly.




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