Change your life

When Taylor and her friend Kacie decides to attend a party for the first time of their life, it completely changes their life's. Taylor and Kacie accidently bumps in to the school's most popular boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Their known for being nice, but not to people like Taylor and Kacie, the quiet ones.

Taylor is a teenage girl at 18, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Which means at the school, she's invisible, nobody knows who she is. But that will soon turn out to change... A lot


5. School.

Taylor's pov

The weekend is over and it's time for school again. I'm not looking forward to it at all.
I do my make-up, get dressed and eat my breakfast, then I drive to the school. 

When I enter the school, people are acting like usual. Like I'm totally ear. Until someone hugs me and people start to stare, that's when I notice that this person isn't short like Kacie, but tall, like Harry.
' Hi to you too, Harry. ' I said pushing him of me, before people starts to think that we're a 'thing'.
He looks really hot today, why does he have to be hot. It makes it so hard to pretend I don't want him. Yes, I want Harry Styles, but can't.

I stare at him without even realising it myself, until he asks me something, and I come back to earth
' You like what you see, yeah? ' Harry asked like a total dickhead who really loves himself, I hit him in the arm, not to hurt him, more like a flirt. He smirked at me and walked away. Wow.

I walked into our classroom where Kacie was, she looked at me with those hurt eyes. I bet she's still hurt because of Harry. 
' Hey, how are you? ' I asked, she tried to fake a smile, but I know when she fakes it. 
' I'm good. ' she says and her smile fades quickly when Harry enters the room with the biggest smile on his face, he says hey to every person he walks past, even me. He smirks at me and people start to whisper to eachother. Kacie gave me a ugly stare who said, ' I thought you were my bestfriend '.

The class went by slow, really slow. Kacie stared at Harry while he throwed small pieces of paper at me, he was flirting like crazy, after the teacher walked out of the classroom. Harry stood up and sat on the seat next to me. Louis wasn't at the school today, I don't know why, don't care really. 

' Hey sexy. ' Harry says, god, does he really have to do this to me!
' Hey Harry. ' I said hitting his arm. 
' Ouch. ' He said pretending it hurt obviously. 
' You free tonight? ' Harry asked, and I could hear people whispering. Wow. 
' Harry, no... ' I said a bit loud. He then said a simple ok and put a piece of paper in my hand without anyone noticing, then he got back to his desk. I opened the piece of paper and it said 

I know you probably said no, because of Kacie listening to us. I know you want to, babe. Meet me outside the school at 3, when everyone's already on their way home. See you then. xxxx

It's weird how this boy can read my mind, I look over at him and I make sure that Kacie isn't looking at me which she isn't but Harry is, waiting for his answer. I nod at him and smile. He smiled back and winkes at me. This time, nobody saw it, which was pretty good.

The school day is over and I'm on my way to the parking lot to meet Harry, I know his car is right around the corner, when I come around the corner I see Harry and Kacie, so I quickly hide behind the wall and listen to their conversation. 

' I can't fucking believe you! ' I hear Harry say. 
' She doesn't want you, she's not good for you. ' Kacie says back.
' What do you know about that? ' Harry said 
' She's just a bitch, you're too good. ' Kacie said.

Well.. She called me a bitch... Now, I don't care what she says. She's done it, I'm not staying away from Harry anymore because of her anymore. 

I walk over to his car where Kacie still is, I don't show any emotion at all which makes Harry realise I heard the whole thing. 
Hey Taylor, do you want to hang with me today? ' Kacie asks. I laugh. 
' Sorry, this bitch is busy hanging with this good guy over here. ' I said which made her go shocked. Yup, in your face. 
I walked inside the car and waited for Harry, I heard him say goodbye then he walked inside the car. Kacie just stood there not moving, we drove away leaving her there all shocked.


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