Change your life

When Taylor and her friend Kacie decides to attend a party for the first time of their life, it completely changes their life's. Taylor and Kacie accidently bumps in to the school's most popular boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Their known for being nice, but not to people like Taylor and Kacie, the quiet ones.

Taylor is a teenage girl at 18, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Which means at the school, she's invisible, nobody knows who she is. But that will soon turn out to change... A lot


2. Lunch

Taylor's pov


It was now time for lunch, Kacie and I sat down at a table in the cafë where everyone used to go to eat, we sat down where we always use to sit alone, just us two. We sat down and started to eat.

' So.. Louis Tomlinson noticed you today! Harry too? Oh my. ' Kacie said with her mouth full of food. I laughed. 
' Yeah, it's not a big deal I guess, their not ever going to notice me again. ' I said pressing on a fake smile. 

' That's just crap, Harry fucking stared at you the whole time! ' Kacie said, and I don't believe her.
' That's also crap. ' I answered looking at my food, it looks delicious! 

Before Kacie could even open her mouth to talk again, we got interupted by 5 boys sitting down at our table. Kacie and I looked at eachother weird, then at the boys. 

' Hope you don't mind us sitting with you? ' Louis asked smiling at me, I shaked my head. 

' Niall, Zayn and Liam. This is Kacie and Taylor! They have the same classes as Harry and I. ' Louis said. Holy fuck, he knows my name!

I smiled at the boys, and I must say that Niall looks really good! He has this cute blonde hair like I do, and he's eyes... wow. 

Kacie and I just stared at eachother and smiled while listening to the boys talking about singing, of all things! 

Suddenly I saw Harry taking his hand over Kacie, and I just had to whistle on them. 
Kacie blushed like crazy and she just shrugged her shoulders. I smiled and looked away. 

The bell rang and I was about to stand up when Louis pulled me down again. 
' We have Mrs. Reign. She's always late, and you know that. ' Louis said, he was right. She always came an half an hour late. Which nobody gets why she does. 

I looked over at Harry and Kacie, they were sitting very close, it looked like they were about to kiss.
' I'm going to the shop, who wants to join? ' Louis suddenly says and looks at me, I shaked my head. He shrugged.
' Liam and Zayn! Common! ' Louis said, and literally dragged them away.

Niall moved closer to me and smiled. 
' You should join the party tonight. ' Niall said.
' Yeah, you should. And take with you your hot friend. ' Harry interupted and looked at Kacie. Niall and I laughed. 

' Maybe we will ' I said, and Niall smiled even more while staring in my eyes. 
' MOVE IT, LEPRECHAUN! ' I heard Louis's voice scream. Niall moved and Louis sat down beside me again with a board full of food, yummi. I took a bite of his burger without making him notice, but I failed. 
' Hey that's mine! ' He yelled out, everyone started laughing, except one person.. Niall. He looked kind off sad. Why, I don't know.

After a loooong time talking to the boys and laughing, it was time to go back to class. We said goodbye to Niall, Zayn and Liam and Kacie and I walked back with Louis and Harry. 

To our suprise, the teacher was already in the classroom.... 

' You're late! ' she yelled at us, she's scary. I promise. 

We walked straight to our desks, and when we sat down, Louis and I looked at eachother and started laughing. 

I started reading my book again, I always do. Louis did whatever he does. haha. 
While reading I felt Louis's eyes on me, or maybe the book. He was facinated, funny. 
I looked up at him.

' You can read it when I'm done, chill Louis. ' I said laughing. 
' Really, cool! ' He said and smiled. 
' QUIET! ' the teacher yelled, making both of us jump. We started laughing like crazy but silent.

When the school was over we went outside to my mom's car and the boys followed us suprisingly, I seriously don't know what happened to make them notice us.

' So, meet us at the party tonight! This is the address. ' Louis said and gived me a piece of paper with an address on it. I nodded and was about to take the key to unlock the car when I heard whistle behind me, I turned to see Kacie and Harry kissing. 

' Common, we need to leeeave! ' I said making Kacie stop kissing. We said goodbye and then we drove away. 
I just smiled, and waited for her to talk. She knew I waited, at one point I just couldn't hold it in. I started laughing.
' What! I like him, ok? ' She said. I nodded.
' Yeah, I know. I can see that. ' I answered and drove back home.

Maybe I publish the chapter with the party tonight, or maybe early tomorrow. If this story gets 5 likes today, I will publish it today! :)


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