Change your life

When Taylor and her friend Kacie decides to attend a party for the first time of their life, it completely changes their life's. Taylor and Kacie accidently bumps in to the school's most popular boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Their known for being nice, but not to people like Taylor and Kacie, the quiet ones.

Taylor is a teenage girl at 18, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Which means at the school, she's invisible, nobody knows who she is. But that will soon turn out to change... A lot


4. Hanging with Harry

Taylor's pov


Today was the day I was going to hang out with Harry, as friends. I know Kacie would flip out screaming at me if I even tried to tell her that. I know she's mad at Harry, but she still has a huge crush on him. I don't blame her. 

I took on a light blue shorts and a pink t-shirt, it's hot outside, so why not dress like this so I can taaan. 

I walked downstairs to get my favorite shoes, Converse. 
After taking them on, I noticed someone staring at me, my mom.

' And where do you think you're going? ' she asked, well.. I guess I never told you that my mom's a huge bitch. She never let's me do anything the way I want, or anything. But this time, I need to come up with a lie, I promised Harry to meet him. 

' I need to study with Kacie, I'm going over at her's. ' I said, hoping she would buy it.
' Fine, be home at ten sharp! ' she said and walked away, how stupid can a person be.. I usually don't study, and she knows that... 

I walked out of the house, without knowing where I was going to meet Harry, so me being me.. Just walked around in the sun until I got a text message. 

From: Harry

Where are you? I'm at the mall. Meet me outside Mcdonalds. :-)

It actually was good that he sent it now, I just passed the mall. 
I turned around and walked to the mall.

There was a lot of people there, difficult to get through.

After walked through half of the mall I reached Mcdonalds and saw Harry immidiatly.
Standing there in his white t-shirt, sunglasses, and those tight jeans. He looks sexy I must say. 

He still hasn't seen me, do I look so unfamiliar? 

' Hey Harry ' I said, then he noticed me, his eyes widened.

' Didn't your mom tell you to cover up? ' Harry said, I looked at my clothes then up at him.
' Funny, you love it so shut up. ' I said, and he smiled and nodded.

' Can we go to the fair? ' I asked before he could even say something else. He nodded.
We got out of the mall, and sat in his car which I didn't even know he had. Then we drove to the fair.

When we arrived my adrenalin got so high, I bet I made a fool out of myself. 
' C'mon let's take a roller coaster! ' I said grabbing Harry's hand and pulled him after me.
' THAT?! ' Harry asked, he looked afraid. Really afraid. 
' Yeah, you scared? ' I asked in a teasingly way. 
' No. pft. ' He answered trying to smile, I started feeling bad for him. I tapped his shoulder.
' Harry, It's going to be ok. I'm right beside you right. ' I said and walked forward in the line. 
Looking back, Harry hadn't moved so I walked back to him.
' Shall we take another one then? .. ' I asked a bit sad, he shaked his head.
Since the fences where so close, Harry couldn't go past me, he went straight in me and pushed me forward, making me laugh hysterically. 
' Harry, calm down. I might fall. ' I said laughing. 
' I don't mind. Either you fall, I'll catch you. Or you fall for me, and you have a good taste in guys ' Harry said, and I just almost layed down on the ground laughing, he started laughing with me because he sounded like an wannabe dude. 

' Hurry up ' the man behind us said, and we noticed we where in the way, so I stood up and walked in to the roller coaster and sat down with an scared Harry. I tapped his hand which made him look at me. 
' Just remember to breath, and it's going to be ok. alright? ' I said smiling at him, he nodded.

After a while with waiting the ride started, and halfway through the ride with screaming, I looked at Harry. He looked like he had seen a ghost or something. He didn't look good. I took my hand on his and he looked at me with those sprakling green eyes. I smiled, and he tried to smile back. I didn't let his hand go until the ride was over. 
When it was over we got off and Harry held my hand so hard.. 
' I'm never taking that one again, oh my fucking god... ' Harry said pulling me in a hug. I laughed.
' Well, you can pick something this time. ' I said, and moved out of his hug. 
' That one! ' He cheared and pointed at the love tunnel, oh no.. I can't say no, I would feel terrible afterwards... 

We walked on the love thingy ride, there was couples behind and infront of us, so.. Awkward..
Harry looked around and it looked like he thought this was awkward as well. 
The ride started, and none of us said a word. So I started to talk.
' Sooo, do you like Kacie? ' I asked, it was the first that popped in my head.
He started stupid at me. ' It's you I take with me on a love ride, not her. Did you really thought I liked her then? ' He was right. 
' No, I just needed something to say. ' I said starting to get nervous. 
' Well, we're on a love ride, there's other things we can do. ' Harry said moving closer. I stopped him.
' Harry. I cant. ' I said looking at his shocked face.
' Why not? ' He asked a bit hurt.
' Because, I would fall for you. Then I would have lost my bestfriend, she really likes you, ok? I can't steal you away from her. ' I said a bit rude, but I really didn't want to lose my bestfriend. 
' Fine. ' he said and sat down a bit further away and looked another way, seriously?.. 
I didn't want to say a word to him before the ride was over, when it was. He left without saying a single word to me. He drove away, and I was stranded there. how great. 

I started walking and walked pretty far, but it wasn't cold outside so I survived.
When I got home, mom wasn't home so I walked upstairs to my room and plopped down on the bed, I looked at my phone and noticed a text.

From: Harry

I'm sorry for being a dickhead, alright? I really like you, Taylor. I don't want to be the reason you would lose Kacie either. But It's hard you know? I want you, not her. I will be waiting, babe. 

To: Harry

No need to wait, she will never go with it. 

From: Harry

Just wait and see x

What in the world was that suppose to mean? is he going to make her say it's ok or something? I kinda hoped he would, but you know. Still I didn't.


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