Change your life

When Taylor and her friend Kacie decides to attend a party for the first time of their life, it completely changes their life's. Taylor and Kacie accidently bumps in to the school's most popular boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Their known for being nice, but not to people like Taylor and Kacie, the quiet ones.

Taylor is a teenage girl at 18, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Which means at the school, she's invisible, nobody knows who she is. But that will soon turn out to change... A lot


6. At Harry's

Taylor's pov

We drove to Harry's house, we didn't talk on the way to his house, I didn't really feel like it. 
When we arrived, Harry stopped his car, and just looked at me. 
' Are you ok? ' he asked worried, I nodded.
' Yeah, I'm fine. ' I said smiling.  He smiled back. 
' Good, come with me. ' he said and walked out of the car, I followed him until we came to this big white house, it was so beautiful. He must be rich or something.

We walked inside his house and soon enough a woman came in, I bet it's his mom cus they look alike. 
' Hi, I'm Anne, Harry's mom. ' She said, I shaked her hand.
' Hi, I'm Taylor. ' I said, she smiled at me then she just left. 
She was definantly nicer then my mom.

' I'm just going to take a quick shower, ok? ' Harry said placing his hand on my shoulder, knowing how hurt I actually was. Hello, my bestfriend called me a bitch. I nodded, and he got in the shower. 

Suddenly my phone started to vibrate, I looked at the screen, it was my mom. 
I walked out of the room, making sure Harry didn't hear. I answered.

- Where the hell are you?! 
- At a friend's house. 
- Are you sleeping around? 
- What! No, what the fuck mom! 
- I don't believe you, Kacie came over and told me you're sleeping with a guy.
- She did that? I don't sleep around mom, come on.. 
- Stay wherever you are, I don't want a hoe in my house. 

Then she hanged up... I can't believe it! I sat down against the wall and started to cry, suddenly I felt someone hugging me, I could feel that it wasn't Harry, but right now I needed it. I needed comfort more than ever. 
' What's up sweetheart? ' I heard Anne's voice whisper.  Then I told her everything.
' Oh, I'm so sorry. You're welcome to stay here as long as you need it. ' she said, I felt safe here at least. ' Thank you ' I said.

' What's going on? ' Harry asked worried looking at my red puffy eyes. He hugged me and comforted me before setting me down on the bed and waited for me to talk, I told him about the call, what Kacie did and what his mom told me. He agrees with me being here.
He hugs me again.
' I can't fucking believe her.. ' Harry said, ' Me neither. ' I answered... 

After a couple of hours just talking, and feeling better. We decided we wanted to watch a movie, then his mom came in. 
' Sorry, I'm off to work now, I'll be working all night. There's dinner in the freazer. Have a nice night, don't do anything I wouldn't. ' She said and left the room. I laughed because Harry made this weird face expression, like he was emberassed.

' You're blushing! ' I yelled at him, smiling. He shaked his head.
' Nope. Im not. ' He said, I swear he's blushing like crazy. 
' Harry, I'm not blinde. ' I said. 
' What about now? ' He said and suddenly he jumped on top of me and placed his hands over my eyes. 
' Harry stop! ' I said kicking around, laughing at the same time. 
' Please. ' I begged. 
' Fine, only this time. ' He said and took his hands away. We just stared at eachother. The we heard the door crack and he jumped off of me.

' WOW WOW WOW! ' I heard Niall laugh. 
' Hey Niall. ' I said awkwardly. 
' Hey lovebirds. You were about to kiss, it was so close. Sorry to ruin it. ' He said, and my face went totally pink.. 

' Anyways, I'm here to give you this. You forgot it. ' Niall says to Harry and gives him a book. Harry nodded, and soon Niall went back to his home leaving us there alone again.
' I'm tired. ' I said to Harry, he nodded and disappeared out the door, soon later he came back with a matress and a blanket and a pillow. 
' I'll sleep on this, take the bed. ' he said, wow.
' Uhm, ok. ' I said and layed down on the bed. I didn't feel comfortable. 
After an hour with trying to sleep, I couldn't take it anymore, I needed him. 
' Harry? ' I asked quiet, in case he was asleep. 
' Yes? ' He answered, I could tell he wasn't sleeping. 
' Uhm, can you sleep with me? I don't want to sleep alone. ' I said, and he moved pretty quickly up in the bed. 
' I knew you would ask, so I didn't try to sleep. ' Harry said while laying down. I expected him to snuggle up on me or something. But he didn't. I guess it's only good, but I want him to. 

Another hour goes by and I still can't sleep, and I can hear by Harry's breathing that he's sleeping, he's laying on his back, so I creep in closer to him and I lay down right beside him, and I snuggle up on him. I think I waked him up because he stopped breathing like he did. 
When I was laying comfortable, he suddenly took his arms around me. I felt safe, and I could finally sleep.

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