One Mistake

One Mistake Will Change Her Life Forever


2. Where It All Started

Olivia's P.O.V

i was sitting in my room. all i could hear was laughing and music... i didn't like the parties that Oscar threw when my parents were away, they always got out of control.

Him and his asshole friends always throw parties, his friends always flirt with me when they are drunk.

Knock Knock....

"H-hey O-Olivia" one of my brothers friends said.

"fuck off' I spat

"w-why you gotta be like that?" he asked moving closer to me, it was Brandon.

"what part off fuck off do you not understand?" I spat moving back.

"now listen here you little bitch!" Brandon said as he pushed me down on the bed and put his knees on my thighs and held my hands up so I couldn't escape, I tried to get out of his grip but I couldn't, he started to take his belt off with one hand as he held my hands with the other... he tied my hands to my bed and started to take my shirt off... I screamed, but no one could hear me over the music.
before he could go any further, someone came in the room and pulled him off me.... they must have heard me scream.... the pushed him down to the floor and hit him.... he kept hitting him, I could hear his knuckles against his face, finally he stopped and Brandon ran out of the room with blood pouring down his face.

"are you okay?" he said, I couldn't see who it was, my eyes were blurry from crying.

"y-yeah t-thank y-you" I said sobbing... my vision cleared and I could make out a couple facial features, he was sorta tall.... he had amazing hair and the cutest dimples, he is kinda cute.

wait, its the kid from down the road. "A-Ashton, is that your name?" I asked with my voice shaking. "yeah, are you sure okay?" he said sitting next to me.

"I'm fine... now" I said. "are you sure?" he said and I burst into tears, he grabbed me so I was crying into his chest..... he lifted my head up with his index finger, he wiped my tears with thumb and he kissed me, I kissed him back I really shouldn't have liked it as much as I did, he is the boy you would stay away from, the trouble maker, a boy that gets suspended and he is someone I have only just met and have been told to stay away from, but he is the boy that makes me feel safe in his arms. the moment we shared was sweet, but it as rudely interrupted by Oscar barging through the door

"are you.... what the fuck?" he screamed and pushed Ashton off of me, Ashton clutched his fist and was going to punch Oscar right in the face. "Ashton, don't" I said, they were the last words I said to him before he disappeared.

"what the fuck was going on?" Oscar screamed at me, he must be drunk, he is an aggressive drunk. "he helped me from Brandon, Brandon came in here and tried to r-rape me" I stuttered at the thought of rape, "yeah, I'm so sorry about him, I'll kill him" he said clutching his fist.

"stay away from Ashton, he is nothing but trouble" he said, he hugged me and returned to the party. I took all my make up off and got into my pyjamas, I pushed my chest of draws in front of the door, I got under the covers and started to cry... I cried until my eyes went black and finally I feel asleep. 



this chapter sucks! i'm sorry, but I promise I will try and get better at writing
if you like the book so far, give it a like and check out my other book, The secret, it is crappy at the start but it gets better! -Shann x




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