World of Imagination

Mavis was a normal girl. She was causally reading on day but than a dragon, a unicorn, a mermaid and a fairy show up at her door and claim she's part of some prophecy? Will she go and join it or will she say no and stay at home and just go back to reading.


1. What's This About A Prophecy?

I was silently sitting in my room reading my book when I started to a noise coming from outside. I put my bookmark in the book and got up to check out what I heard. I looked outside and saw nothing of suspicion. Just the usual light post and dark road that I see every night. I thought nothing of it and went back to reading my book. 

I was reading again when I heard the noise again. I sighed and put my bookmark in my book. I looked out the window again but this time I saw a red dragon with blue piercing eyes and blue spikes running down it's back, a pink unicorn with a rainbow unicorn horn, a tanned mermaid with a green and blue tail and some type of small winged creature that looked like he was wearing leaves? In shock to what I was seeing I quickly ran out of my room and out the front door to get a better look. 

When I walked out the door I saw the mermaid was sleeping in her box and I think I must be dreaming but the dragon and the unicorn were talking. The dragon quickly turned it's head and then I saw it was staring right at me. I wanted to run away but I couldn't I was frozen with fear. The fantasy creatures came up to me and I hear the dragon whispering.

"Long black hair, medium height, blue eyes, glasses. Is this the girl from the prophecy?"The dragon turned and asked the winged creature. The winged creature took out a scroll and started to read.
"Yes this is the girl."He said in a medium high pitch voice and then rolling the scroll up and putting it back.

"Excuse me miss what is thy name?" The dragon said with sparks flying out of his mouth.

"M-my name i-is Mavis. W-what is y-your name?" I stuttered terrified.

"Well Mavis I'm Pythius this over here." He said pointing to the unicorn. " Stella besides Stella we have." He said pointing at the winged creature. "Tyler and over there in the water box is Ariel." He said.

"Well hi but what do you mean by prophecy?" I said.

"Well back in our world we have been taken over by a creature I can not tell you about here. But if you chose to accept this then you will be saving our world and even yours." Pythius said while the rest started at me.

"Well if it's to save your would then sure." I said casually.

"Well hop on we have a long flight ahead." Pythius said. I then hopped on his back and we took off into the night sky. 

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