World of Imagination

Mavis was a normal girl. She was causally reading on day but than a dragon, a unicorn, a mermaid and a fairy show up at her door and claim she's part of some prophecy? Will she go and join it or will she say no and stay at home and just go back to reading.


2. Deadly Training

We were flying in the air. And it was the most magical thing that I've ever done. The stars were streaking past, where we were going I could see the moon move from the sky and disappear and then I saw the sun start to come up. But then I heard a big BOOM and then what I saw next completely surprised me. The sun was still up but the land was amazing. There were different parts and they were all different.

When we flew over where the unicorns lived and it was amazing. It looked like it had rained rainbow's. Everything was a different colour every tree was different they ranged from pink leaves with a purple trunk to white leaves with a black trunk. My thoughts were interrupted by Stella talking to me.

"It's beautiful isn't it." She said to me.

"Yes it is all the colours are amazing." I said.

"I loved living there." She said sadly.

"You don't live there any more?" I said confused.

"I was banished for reasons I can't really say right now. But what I can say is that all of us were banished and we met each other in the land of banishment and we made this group." She said. What does she mean by they were banished?

"Stella." Pythius said and Stella put her head down and was quiet the rest of the time.

"Mavis we have arrived." Pythius said. I took one look at where we were and my mouth dropped open. We were at an amazing castle. The castle looked like a castle you would see in the middle ages. It was large and had a bunch of towers and it just looked like it was made for a queen but it was made for me?

"But this can't be for me I'm just a girl from a small town." I said.

"Well Mavis we know you were adopted and the reason for that was because your parents were the rulers of this land until their tragic death. And now with the prophecy coming up your the only person able to carry it out." He said coming to land on the top of the castle Stella, Tyler and Ariel coming to land beside him.

"Well now you're just giving me a whole bunch of pressure. How do you even know I'm going to be ready for this? How can I help if I don't even know what the this 'prophecy' is?" I said getting of his back and coming to stand in front of them.

"Well I guess it's time to read the prophecy and I guess it's Tyler's time to talk." Pythius said. Then Tyler took out the scroll and cleared his throat.

"The prophecy states that in our greatest battle when each of the five lands battle against each other there will be one person who will be able to bring peace across the lands. It states that you alone have the power to do this." He said.

"Are you sure you have the right person? The only thing I do is read and write stories online the only power you could say I have is my imagination." I said.

"And you see that's what your power is. In the prophecy it states that the girl in the prophecy has the power to use her imagination to create the objects in her mind into real objects." Tyler said.

"Wait so I can do this?" I then imagined a Firebolt from favourite book series Harry Potter. And within seconds it was in front of me. Once I knew that this was real I started to believe I could do this. 

"So are you still in? Pythius asked.

"Oh I'm so in." I said.

"Great your training starts now." He said and then he picked me up and flew me high in the air.

"Wait what's going on?" I said looking as the castle started to get smaller and smaller.

"You'll see."He took me up a bit higher and then he just dropped me from the sky. I started to scream as I saw I was gaining speed and coming closer to the castle. Then I realized I had to calm down and use my imagination to be able to keep myself alive.

"Mavis breath. Relax. Come on what could help you in this situation?" I whispered to myself then I got it. I imagined the Firebolt again and within seconds I was sitting on top of it. Once I gained my balance back I pulled the broom up so I wasn't doing a dive. I then slowly made my way down to the castle and made a soft landing.

"Nice job Mavis you have completed the first part of your training. Now go get some rest we need you nice and rested for the next part of your training tomorrow. Stella will take you to your room." Pythius said. I started to follow Stella. 

Once we were inside we walked down a hallway that was lined with old painted photos of kings and queens. At the end of the hall there was a staircase that lead up to the top of the tower. I was guessing my bedroom was up there. We walked up the stairs and we came to a door.

"Mavis here's your room. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that Stella left. I opened the door and my mouth dropped open again. There was a kings size canopy bed and the walls were painted a red with gold details. I walked over to the closet and it was full of the types of clothes I wear like t-shirt's, jeans and sweaters. I then walked into the bathroom and it had a bathtub and shower that had a rainfall shower head and it had a nice sink with a huge mirror.

I wanted to check out more but I was really tired. So I went and lied down in my huge comfortable bed and my eyes slowly started to shut and I fell into a deep sleep. 

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