Unseen Darkness

Joshua Braiden is like any other ordinary teenager, but his story however is like no other. When his parents mysteriously disappear due to an unknown darkness that only he can see, led by his father’s voice he teams up with 5 others who have also lost their parents to this mysterious darkness that is threatening their very existence. Together, defying all odds they fight the darkness to save their parents and stop the destruction of the world.


3. Where have they gone?

Josh arrived at the office and handed the office lady the note that Mrs Mahoney gave him requesting that he be able to go home. The office was a fairly big building with light blue walls and desks situated in the centre. Artwork from the students hung on the walls including some of his own.

“Sure thing, I’ll just call your parents” The teacher broke the silence. She picked up a nearby phone and started dialling.

“What are my parents going to think about this?” Josh thought worryingly.

“Me, seeing things, no that’s not true… I know what I saw, it was real and not my imagination” he thought, second guessing himself. He really could not understand why only he could see it. That thing certainly was not normal, He didn’t think anyone had seen something like that before, it wasn’t exactly that hard to miss.

“Ok your mums not picking up, I’ll try your dad, I won’t be a sec” the teacher explained with a smile and dialled again.

Joshua waited, listening to the ‘Bring Bring’ of the phone until it eventually stopped.

“Ok, your parents aren’t answering their phones, if you’d like to lie down in the sick bay I’ll call them again in ten minutes" the office lady said with a smile.

“Thankyou” Josh replied.

“Would you like an ice pack or anything “she asked kindly,

“I’m alright thanks” he smiled and slowly walked into the sick bay and sat on the bed.

It was a fairly small space with a sink and several cupboards on the wall, it had a small bed on the left hand corner on which Josh was sitting on. Josh lied down and thought. He simply could not get over the fact that his teacher had not seen that thing.

“It was right there” he thought in frustration. He still could not figure out what that thing was, or what it was doing. Why did it stare at him? Why didn’t it move on? Why could only he see it? What the hell was it? All of these questions were circling around in his head as the office lady entered the room.

“I have phoned your parents for a third time and they don’t seem to be answering “she said calmly.

“Would you like a lift home? “She asked.

Joshua thought for a minute. He didn’t want to be a nuisance but he had had a long day and a good rest would do him good.

“Thanks, I wouldn’t mind a lift” he replied with a smile.

“Ok, just follow me” the office lady replied.

Joshua followed her outside the small office and into the car park. The office lady led him to a small red car in the middle of the car park and he proceeded to sit in the back seat. The car was small but had a comfortable feel to it.

“Ok, so whereabouts do you live darl” the office lady asked

“15 Brail street” he replied”. Then there was silence in the car for the whole trip except when Josh was giving directions.

The teacher approached Brail Street, parked in the drive way, let Joshua out with a goodbye and drove off. Joshua house was what you could say pretty ordinary. It was a two story brick house with three big tree’s providing shade, it was a pretty shade of light blue and had a red roof.

 Josh approached his house and knocked on the door. Nobody answered so he knocked again. After knocking three times Joshua presumed that his parents were out and used the key hidden in the flowerpot beside the door to unlock the door. He went inside, went straight to his room and flopped onto the bed. He was absolutely exhausted and all of the thinking was hurting his brain. He didn’t even bother covering himself with the blanket he just turned his music on and drifted off to sleep.

His sleep was clouded with nightmares. He kept revisiting that moment when he saw that creature in the woods, each time having a horrible ending where it would sucks out his soul or unleash some horror and kill everyone in the room. He tossed and turned but the nightmares wouldn’t go away. Suddenly the nightmares stopped and everything went black in his dream. He could hear a faint noise, like a whisper, slowly getting louder.

“Help us, help us…” Joshua looked around frightened. The noise slowly got louder repeating itself over and over again. Joshua started to freak out, he was consumed by darkness, and the noise pierced his brain, tearing it to utter pieces.

“Why am I here?! What the hell is going on?!” he screamed into the darkness. He was alone in the dark, the noise was no longer a whisper, and it was now so loud he had to cover his ears. He fell to the floor crying, he felt so alone. No one was there to help him.

“I’m trapped in here forever, I’m going to die!!”He wailed, tears falling down his face.

The noise was destroying him, he tried to block it out but it never ceased, it preyed upon him like a lion hungry for prey and slowly broke him down to nothing.

“HELP US, HELP US”. He felt like his eardrums were about to explode, he couldn't bare the pain. Then in a shocking realisation, he realised that it was his parent’s voices he was hearing.

Dread filled him, worry over took him, tears were streaming down his face like a flood. “Please, please, please let them be safe” he thought with worry.

“WHERE ARE YOU! “He shouted at the top of his lungs in dismay. Then all of a sudden there was a deafening scream.

Joshua woke up with a start and sat bolt upright in his bed, sweat was streaming down his face. The scream still rung in his ears. It took a while for josh to calm down, he kept repeating in his head ‘It was only a dream, it was only a dream”. He sat there for a while and slowly the panic left him and was replaced with relief.

“Thank god it was only a dream” he thought, a sigh of relief left his lips.

Josh slowly got up from his bed and walked through the lounge room and into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“A cool drink will do me good “he thought. As the water rushed down his throat Joshua looked outside, the sky was now dark blue and the stars were out. It was beautiful and left Josh mesmerised, he stared at the moon, using the bench as a support.

Suddenly it hit him. Where were his parents?! They were usually home by now and It wasn’t like them to come home late, they were always there when he arrived home from school. The fear from his dream slowly began to flood his thoughts once more

“Stop it, you idiot” he thought, it was probably just a misunderstanding.

“Maybe their backed up in traffic, there’s nothing to worry about” he hoped.

He made himself a hot chocolate and sat himself in front of the TV, attempting to block out the worry from his mind. Slowly time ticked by. Eight o’clock, nine o’clock, ten o’clock, it was now late and they were still not home. Joshua started to panic.

“Please be safe” he said aloud to himself. The fear would not leave him. He loved his parents so much, what would he do without them? He continued to eye the clock pacing back and forth in front of it.

He was filled with worry. “Don’t think of the worst ok? There could be any amount of reasons why they’re not home “he thought to himself. He continued to pace in front of the clock.

His dream kept coming to his mind. He was so scared and afraid.

“They better be home soon “he thought in dismay, he couldn’t help it, paranoia had set in, he couldn't breathe properly, he couldn’t think properly. He waited and waited and waited, jumping at the slightest noise, hoping it was a turning doorknob.

It was now two o’clock in the morning.

“This isn’t right, something’s wrong, they need help! “Josh yelled, he was the only one in the room but his emotions were taking over him he couldn’t hold it in. he held back tears of worry and dialled 000 into his cell phone.

After talking to the police and telling them about the situation josh hung up and sat there, his head in his hand. He thought about his dream.

“How could this happen, It was only a dream.. Something is not right here” he thought in alarm. The strange thing in the woods, the dream and now this, it was all too much for him to handle. These thoughts dwelt on him all night. He refused to sleep until he knew his parents were safe.

By morning they still were not home. Police surrounded the house, they were searching all over town for Josh’s parents, but his parents were nowhere to be see.

“Where have they gone” Josh broke apart in side, he needed to see their faces, to know they were safe.

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