Unseen Darkness

Joshua Braiden is like any other ordinary teenager, but his story however is like no other. When his parents mysteriously disappear due to an unknown darkness that only he can see, led by his father’s voice he teams up with 5 others who have also lost their parents to this mysterious darkness that is threatening their very existence. Together, defying all odds they fight the darkness to save their parents and stop the destruction of the world.


1. Joshua Braiden

She touched his face, her hand was pleasantly warm and she stared into his  eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                               “Josh, I’ve always had feelings for you” She said with a sweet smile. His heart was beating a million miles an hour.

“This is the moment Josh, the moment you’ve always been waiting for, for the love of life kiss her” He thought. He leaned forward, it seemed to him as though time itself had slowed down, and he was filled with such a surge of emotions. Together they drew closer to each other, so close that he could smell the sweet vanilla scent of her hair. Life would soon be complete he thought, he was longing for the touch of her sweet lips on his...

‘DING.DING.DING….DING.DING.DING!!!’Suddenly Josh was brought back to reality by the ticking of his alarm clock and realised in dismay that it was only a dream.

“You stupid alarm clock!” He whined half yawning while turning it off.

“Are you serious, that was such a good dream, just five more minutes” he yawned. It was a lovely dream about Alice, a girl in his class who he had liked for a while now. He rolled over in his comfortable bed, attempting to go back to sleep. Just before he was about to drift off his mother stormed into the room and ripped his warm blanket onto the ground.

She was a fairly tall women with chocolate brown hair and green eyes, she was wearing a light blue dress with a yellow apron.

 “Do you realise what day it is today Joshua!” she ask angrily,

 “I don’t know mum I’m tired” he mumbled in reply,

 “It’s your father’s birthday, everyone’s coming for a barbeque and I want you to help me with the cleaning before you go to school, I talked to you about this yesterday” she explained.

 “Oh. Right, sorry mum I completely forgot, just give me some time to wake up and I’ll be with you in a sec” he replied, slowly sitting up on his bed.

 “Ok, there’s breakfast for you in the Kitchen, if you want it” she said before walking out the room and closing the door behind her.  

Joshua Braiden was a 16 year old boy in his third year at Ragewood high. He was a fairly tall boy with short, wavy black hair and bright blue eyes that always made him stand out. He had always been slightly gangly for his age, maybe it was the fact that he spent more time drawing and playing music then doing normal things that other boys do like playing football and soccer, or riding around in the skate park.

 He always dreaded school, the only things that got him through the day were music, art and the beautiful Alice he had the privilege of sharing a class with. Ever since he could remember he had always liked Alice, She was the only person that would talk to him on his first day of school, and there was something about her… something that made her different from other girls, something that drew him to her.

 He lived a pretty ordinary life, the only thing that seemed somewhat mysterious was his family background.

Joshua was completely oblivious to the fact that his family was like no other. He did not understand why some of them would randomly disappear and reappear weeks later without explaining where they went, or why he wasn’t allowed to know what his parents did for work, all he knew was that there was a mystery to his family he could not put a finger on. There was just something about them that seemed…strange.                                                                               

After helping his mother with the chores around the house Josh approached his father, card in hand. His father was tall with dark brown hair and green eyes, he wore glasses and was seated in the lounge room near the fireplace reading the newspaper. Josh thought his dad was the only person in the town that still bothered to read the newspaper.

 “Happy birthday dad, you’re getting old now ha-ha, I’ll be changing your nappy soon” he teased giving his dad a big hug.

 “Ha-ha I love you too Josh, I’ll see you this arvo for the party, Dave and his daughter Alice are coming, she’s a friend of yours isn’t she” he asked. A sudden jolt of happiness shot through Josh’s body.

 “Yeah, I think I’ve heard of her, she’s in my class” he said quickly, he had never told anyone about his feelings towards Alice and he didn’t want to start now.

“Well anyway, I really do hope you enjoy your day dad “Josh smiled up at his father. He had always admired him. His dad had always been there for him. He got the family out of many troubles and always, no matter the circumstances had a smile on his face. Josh stuffed his lunch in his bag and walked out the door


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