Unseen Darkness

Joshua Braiden is like any other ordinary teenager, but his story however is like no other. When his parents mysteriously disappear due to an unknown darkness that only he can see, led by his father’s voice he teams up with 5 others who have also lost their parents to this mysterious darkness that is threatening their very existence. Together, defying all odds they fight the darkness to save their parents and stop the destruction of the world.


2. High school Drama!

Although his mum could give him a lift Josh preferred to walk, he enjoyed the cold breeze and it gave him time to clear his head. Josh was not looking forward to going back to school at all.

Ever since he could remember he had been picked on by a gang off thickheads. They never left him alone, he couldn’t escape from them, and he didn’t know why they wouldn’t leave him alone. He tried telling a teacher but all that did was aggravate them and make the bullying worse.

 “Those stupid idiots, I’m absolutely sick off them!” he thought angrily. He quickly pushed the thought to the back of his head, he was not going to let them ruin his day, for now at least he had the right to be happy.

When Josh arrived at Ragewood high he went straight to the Library, grabbed his drawing book from his bag and started to draw.

 Josh absolutely loved drawing and in fact anything to do with art. He loved seeing an artwork come to life. Sometimes he became lost in his artwork, forgetting about everything but curving that line and adding that glint to the person’s eye. He found art so complex and it had a certain beauty and challenge that drew him to it. He spent endless breaks in the art room working on art projects and avoiding ‘the gang’. He was currently working on his anime manga character, manga was his favourite type of drawing. His character had long, golden blond hair with bright green eyes and was covered with armour, with a sword in her hand and fighting a dragon. Josh’s mind delved into the artwork, letting it consume his every thought. This was his escape.

“Do you call that art, that’s pathetic?” A nasty voice brought him back to reality. It was Zeek, the gang leader surrounded by his ‘homies’.

 “It’s better than you can do, you idiot!” Josh shot back angrily. He refused to let Zeek get the better of him.

 “Ha-ha me draw, sorry, unlike you I’m not a pathetic gay boy” Zeek sneered while the boys surrounding him laughed.

 “Just leave me alone, will you! Go ruin someone else’s day” Josh said angrily, he knew Zeek wouldn’t start a fight in a Library.

 “Oi, you boys, no nasty business ok!” The librarian Mrs Hanex yelled across the Library. The teachers also new that those boys enjoyed making trouble.

“Oh don’t worry miss, we were just leaving” Zeek said innocently, a surge of hatred shot through Josh’s body.

 “See you at lunch retard, we’ll be waiting for you” Zeek sneered at Josh threateningly and left the Library.

Josh stared at him with loathing,

"I cant even go to the library anymore" he thought angrily.

As soon as the bell range Josh went to his first class, Maths. Josh never really enjoyed maths, his desk was seated at the side of the class beside the window and he tended to look outside and daydream.

“How am I going to avoid them this time” he said to his friend Josiah who was seated next to him.

“Avoid who?” he replied

“you know, Zeek and his pathetic gang, I’m telling you, they’ve got it in for me, all they want to do is make my life a living hell” Josh whispered angrily.

“Seriously mate, I wouldn’t worry about them, they’re just a bunch of girls, don’t let them get to you” Josiah replied then went back to his work.

“Thanks, they’re not worth worrying about” Josh said with a smile, he then resumed his usual position of staring outside the window.

He was looking outside the school, to the forest surrounding its borders. There was a bird feeding its chicks, it was a really beautiful sight. The forest was always a beautiful place. It was Josh’s favourite place to draw or to hang out with Josiah. A ray of sunlight could be seen streaming between the trees, it put a smile on his face.

 Suddenly he saw a figure dart between two trees. He looked closer, squinting, trying to identify it. It kept darting from tree to tree, it was completely black. “What the heck is that?” Josh thought intrigued. It moved so fast and Josh didn’t get a chance to get a proper look. This creature mystified him, he had to know what it was. He had never seen anything like it!  Suddenly it came up from behind a tree and stared Josh dead in the face. Josh was stone cold, fear trickled through his blood stream, he couldn’t move. The figure looked human but was completely consumed by darkness, like a shadow. All happiness flooded out of him. He felt like running but he was stock still “Why the hell is it doing that? What do I do, what do I do? “He thought, gripped by fear.

One things for sure, it was evil, it spoke darkness, and its very presence demanded fear. It shot a threating stare at Josh, seeming to look into his very sole.

Joshua was absolutely horrified. He had never seen anything like this before. What was it doing? Why was it staring at him like that? He didn’t know what to think, Josh was chocked by fear, it consumed him, and this horrifying creature was beyond anything he had ever seen before.

“What the hell is that?!”He yelled, jumping out of his seat. The figure continued to glare at him. Everyone in the class turned around to look at him, wondering what he was talking about.

“What is what Josh?” his teacher Mrs Mahoney replied sternly, a little annoyed.

“Come over her, it’s just there, in the forest “he replied, the strange creature continued to stare at him. The teacher walked towards the window and looked outside.

“I don’t see anything “she said, wondering if josh was deliberate causing a ruckus.

“What! It’s right there, staring right at us”. He said pointing towards it.

“Josh are you alright?” She asked worryingly,

“There’s nothing there”. She said looking at Josh with concern.

“You’re a freak mate, you’re going crazy” someone shouted across the classroom, everyone started to laugh at him and whisper into each other’s ears.

“What the heck guys “he replied, “just shut up, I know what I saw and it was real” Josh replied extremely hurt by their reaction.

“Yeah, yeah, ya creep, come back to reality mate “the same guy shouted towards him.

Josh couldn’t believe it. They were the ones going blind, and they say he’s crazy.

“Isn’t this just great” he thought angrily to himself.

“Not only do those idiots think I’m crazy but now they’ll never let me forget, come on, I’ve had it with this stupid school and I’ve had it with this stupid class “he thought fuming, he felt like hitting a brick wall, maybe that would release all of his anger?

“Just shut up! I couldn’t be bothered arguing with you “Josh shouted back.

“I think you should go home for the day” the teacher suggested,

“I’m serious miss, its right there, how can’t you see it? I’m not crazy!” Josh said shakily. He was freaking out. He didn’t know why she couldn’t see it, it was literally staring at them as they spoke. He was chilled to the core. Why could only he see it?

“Here, take this to the office, you need some rest” Mrs Mahoney ordered and handed him a slip explaining he wasn’t well.

Josh took the note and stormed out of the classroom still perplexed by why she couldn’t see it and fuming with hatred towards his classmates. There was something strange about this. Why didn’t it walk away?  It just stood there and stared at him. “I wonder what this could mean?" Josh thought.

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