The Applegate Siblings

• new chapter every week •
[starting March 24]

- twins, Michael and Cristina's boat breakdown on a mysterious island with a wicked past. Michael falls for what he thinks is true love, but is really a devil's game -

[just to clarify, the Cristina Applegate in this story is not the actor, just a character I made up who, surprisingly has the same name. Enjoy!]


2. Suspicious, But Lucky

The wind was cool and the sun was crisp across the skin. The landscape of the island was extraordinary. What seemed to be the 'world's oldest pier' was drying out and breaking because of the fiery sun's breath. The sand was hot as an oven, almost unable to stand on for more than 5 seconds. The waves came in slowly and rolled back out again with a rhythm. The water was crystal clear.

Michael arrived there 7:30pm, just to make sure he was at the right island. The sun set on the horizon and from behind a blossoming a tree appeared a woman. It was Florita. She stopped to look at Michael and then continued walking towards him, with her dress and hair flowing with the wind. Michael couldn't believe his eyes.

"Hi.", she said stroking her hands across his soft cheeks.

"I've been waiting to see you all day." Michael said while his eyes sparkled from the sun shining into his eyes.

"Me too."

"Let's go to the bistro. My sister works there so we'll get a pretty good discount."

"Okay, sounds fun!"

As I was waitressing outside the bistro, I see a face I know. It's my brother and some woman I've never seen before. He notices me and waves.

"Hey Cristina!"

Himself and Florita strolled over to me.

"Surprised to see you here?", I say.

"Well, me and Florita here were wondering if we could grab a bite to eat aaand possibly get a good discount since we're related and all.."

"Yeah sure! Sit here and I'll be back with menus!"

Florita looked suspicious. She also looked unwell. I wondered why.

I came back with menus and Micheal was holding Florita's hand on the table and flirting with her. I dropped the menus at the table without them noticing and quickly finished my shift and left. I hurried back to the houseboat, trying to not think about them. Avoiding every thought. I knew she was trouble. You can see it in her eyes. I wish Michael would just see it. Well, I guess he can't because he's so in love with her but, to be honest, I'm worried about him.

Glancing at the beautiful streets of Isla Paradiso through a taxi window on the way back home, I asked the driver to pull over. I felt lucky that day. Felt like something might actually go right. Maybe I was wrong about Florita. Drifting through the doors of the grocery, I go straight to the cashier.

"One lotto ticket, please.", I say, grinning so much my mouth hurts. She looked at me like I had some kind of 'smiling problem'.

Leaving the store, I turn around to see an old man listening to a radio. I feel sorry for him as he looks... homeless.

Suddenly, they call the numbers for the lotto. I stay and listen.


I got it.




I can't believe it. I'm so close. Only two numbers left. I could get this. Scratch that, I WILL win this!


One. More. Number.

I cross my fingers so tight, I feel like they are loosing circulation. I can barely breathe at this point. Inhale. Exhale. Every two seconds. Then, the last number is revealed.

"And the very last number in tonight's lotto is... 9!"

I can't contain myself. My pupils dilate. I feel faint. Is this what a heart attack feels like? It happened. It really happened.

I won the lottery.

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