The Applegate Siblings

• new chapter every week •
[starting March 24]

- twins, Michael and Cristina's boat breakdown on a mysterious island with a wicked past. Michael falls for what he thinks is true love, but is really a devil's game -

[just to clarify, the Cristina Applegate in this story is not the actor, just a character I made up who, surprisingly has the same name. Enjoy!]


1. New Beginnings

It all started when we were young. Michael always wanted to travel the world and so did I. Especially in the tropics. On our 20th birthday, Michael bought a fairly big sized houseboat for a pretty reasonable price. It was beautiful. Two levels of a complete oasis. I even helped him decorate all of the inside (being the interior designer I am).

About 2 months later, Michael asked me about traveling the world with him. I was thrilled! Of course I wanted to travel the world! We both wanted to do this since when were little! Michael, was probably as happy as I was or even more when I told him I'd go with him.

So, after about 2 weeks of planning and packing the boat and making sure it was all ready to go, we headed off around the world! Astounding. Incredible. Breathtaking. The sights were just mesmerizing.

Seven months gone, seven seas travelled. Mum & Dad had called a few times just to make sure we were okay. Of course, Mum always worries too much. We were just fine.

In that same day, we were pretty close to the islands of Isla Paradiso. Thank goodness we were close because the boat had broken down. We were so lucky that someone was around to help us tow the boat to the nearest dock at the biggest island. The repair people had said that it could be days, weeks or even months till the boat could be back out on the water. Michael was disappointed but then again, he'd always wanted to come here.

Michael decided that we should stay at Isla Paradiso.. for a while. And by stay, he meant live. We still lived in the houseboat but, we travelled around the island. That's when I decided to study in cooking. I studied it day and night for weeks. Finally, I got a job working at this really expensive bistro/restaurant, which was in fact right near our port. Michael on the other hand was training while I was studying and became a lifeguard. I knew he always wanted to be a lifeguard. At the age of 12, he saved me once from drowning. That's why I love him and we are so close. He saved my life and now I owe him back, big time.

One bright and sunny Summer's day, Michael was doing his usual job, saving people from drowning. But someone stood out from all of them. Michael was amazed by this girl. He sprinted his way across the hot, silky sand of Sparkling Sands beach and straight into the waters where she was. He ran into the water like they did on Baywatch - in slow motion and with a small surfboard by his side. He put her over his shoulder and ran back to shore. She was barely breathing at this point. People on the beach crowded and watched as he gave her CPR. Still no signal. He tries again. But at this point, there was still no signal. Michael was worried. He thought over and over in his head if he had done something wrong. Did he get her out of the water in time? Did he do the CPR correctly?

Suddenly, this girl turned her head to the side and coughed up a heap of water. A sign of relief swept across Michael's worried face. The girl turned her head to look at Michael. They gazed into each other's eyes.

"Go out with me.", Michael said sternly and bravely.

"See you at 8 on the little island by the west side of the island" she said back to him.

"The name's Florita, by the way", she said while walking away looking over her shoulder, still with a glimmer in her eyes.

Michael was amazed by this girl. He fell in love on first sight. But, was she really who he thought she was?

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