I'm The Bad Boys Mate

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Love Is Real
You Just Have To Find It

Mia James Is A Shy Girl.
She Has Friends Who Care For Her And She Cares For Them
But She Wants Someone To Love Her

Alex Stevens Is The Schools Bad Boy
He Is Also A Bad Boy And A Werewolf
He wants to find his mate

What Happens When Alex Can Feel That Mia Is His Mate? Will Mia Believe Him? Can Alex Protect Mia From Everything That Harms Him And His Kind?

Story Of Romance, Betrayal, Friendship, Action And Hatred




2. 2


When I awoke I couldn't tell where I was, all I knew is that I wasn't as my house and this did scare me a little, I started to think and the last thing I remember was Alex biting me. He bit me, who does that? I saw the bedroom door and Alex appear but he had a strong line on his face like he just came out of a fight or something.

"Alex" I said and he looked at me smiling.

"Hey" He said.

"Why did you bite me?" I asked.

He sighed and sat on the bed, "I'm a werewolf Mia" Alex whispered and I just laughed.

"You can't be a werewolf they don't exist" I laughed.

Alex shook his head for a second, "I am a werewolf in my world they exist, nothing in the world is simple did you ever wonder about those animal attacks on the news they can't be a bear because they don't live here" Alex said.

"Still why should I believe you?" I asked after I had calmed down.

"You just have to find it in yourself to believe me" Alex said before standing up.

"Wait" I said which made Alex turn. "Umm.... Am I going to go home?" I asked.

"No" He said.

"What?" I asked almost yelling.

"I'm sorry but if people knew I was the one who bit you than they would kill you, there are people out to get my kind. Your father is one of them" Alex said.

"So you kidnapped me because of that" I said.

"No I would never do that, you are my mate Mia I felt it today for some odd reason my wolf chose you and I wish it hadn't" Alex said and realized what he had said. Tears formed in my eyes and I just stood up.

"Fine than I will just leave and get killed" I said softly.

"I didn't mean it Mia I swear" Alex said.

"I don't care, everyone was right you don't care about anyone but yourself!" I yelled.

"That is no not true, do you ever wonder why you don't get bullied or hurt!" Alex shouted at me.

"I'd rather get bullied than to see your face!" I shouted back.

"I saved you because I like you Mia a lot, I really do" Alex said softly and I fell back a bit.

"No you don't no one loves me" I whispered.

"I do please let me prove it to you" Alex whispered.

"No one loves me, why would you love a girl like me?" I asked.

"Because your cute, beautiful and everything in between" Alex said and looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean it honest I was just mad. I speak before I think sometimes which I have to learn not to do, but I really do like you. Ever since I met you the first day of school I liked you but I got to scared to say something because I was scared if you found out I was a werewolf you'd run away or laugh at me like you did before" Alex whispered.

"Look I don't believe in this stuff but I will try and what is my dad exactly?" I asked him.

"He's a hunter and werewolf hunter" Alex said.

"So he kills people like you" I said.

"Yes, he killed my parents when I was little and from that day I knew I had to be strong" Alex said.

"I never knew anything about my dad he just told me he was a doctor" I said.

"By day he is a doctor by night he is a hunter" Alex said.

"You know more about my dad than I do" I laughed.

"I also think the new health teacher is a hunter as well because he knew I was a werewolf. He glared at me coming out of class and he wouldn't know me yet and something about him makes me think he is a hunter or another werewolf, I need you to be careful around him he will be able to smell me on you" Alex said.

I nodded, "What about my friends?" I asked.

"You can still hang with them just if they ask you why your with me just say that our parents know each other" Alex said.

"Okay" I said.

Alex smiled and kissed my forehead softly, I closed my eyes as his lips felt so good on my skin. Alex grabbed my hand and we made our way down the stairs, I spotted all his friends from school were they werewolves as well.

"Welcome Mia to the pack" Everyone said.

"Are you guys werewolves as well?" I asked.

"Yes we are" Louisa said.

I nodded, it kind of made sense I mean they hung out every day and it would be weird if they weren't and I just asked if they were. Alex looked at some of the pack and shook his head, why did he shake his head? Am I doing something wrong. I keep over thinking this and its not good but its what I always do.

"Your mate Alex is a loser" A guy said.

"Shut up she is not" Alex hissed.

"Ooh what are you going to do brother kill me. Her father was the one who killed our parents or did you forget that" He snapped.

"I know the Michael but my wolf chooses its not up to me and Mia didn't even know her dad was one so that does not make her a hunter and it will never make Mia a hunter" Alex snapped.

Family issues a lot of family issues I have a feeling Michael hates Alex but I don't know what for and I have a feeling I just made things worse for these boys, maybe I should just go but something snapped me out of my thoughts, Damion had his hand on my back and rubbed it.

"Its not your fault" Damion whispered.

"How did you know what I thought?" I asked.

"I can read minds, everyone in this pack is a full blood and all full bloods have powers" Damion said.

I nodded, "But that is damn freaky though you know that" I said.

"Yeah I know but I can't help it" Damion said.

I smiled and I saw Alex's head perk up did he hear something.

"Guys hunters are coming" Alex said.

"See Mia is a spy" Michael said.

"No she isn't Michael she hasn't even been home" Damion snapped defending me.
"But i thought you lived here" I said.

"No not in this house, my mansion I do... This was an empty house" Alex said grabbing my hand, he than nodded to Damion.
I followed Alex to his motorbike, no way was I getting on that but I knew I had to, I grabbed the helmet
 on the side and put it on. Once I was on the motorbike Alex started it ad drove off and the others followed. So Alex had a motorbike while the others had two cars they had to share, so are we going to Alex's house? 

"You alright?" Alex asked.

"Yeah just never been on a motorbike before" I said.

Alex nodded but kept up the speed he was going, when he arrived at a place I couldn't help but open my mouth and wide. I took off the helmet and faced Alex.

"Your house is amazing" I said.

"Thanks love" Alex said.

I smiled when Alex called me love, "No problem" I blushed.

Alex chuckled and grabbed his keys and unlocked his front door, the pack walked in first it was like they always did this but I still couldn't believe I was at Alex's house.


As Mia and I entered my house I could see her face stand in awe as she saw everything, I smiled softly I was kind of scared bringing her here too, I mean I live in a mansion with no family so how can I afford this house. But my parents paid the house off before I died and my friends live with me to so they pay for things as well not just me.

"You like?" I asked.

"I love" Mia answered.

I showed Mia around, "You don't mind sharing a room with me?" I asked and Mia shook her head.

"No I don't" She said.

"That's good" I said softly.

Mia smiled at me. That night we all sat around the bonfire outside and talked about anything really, we were also covered in blankets and eating marshmallows, the others had their mates next to them like I had Mia.

"And I thought you guys were bad boys" Mia laughed.

"We still are" Damion defended.

Mia laughed, I smiled and kissed her cheek this girl was defiantly something. After the bonfire finished we all headed for bed, but I could feel like something bad was going to happen to Mia but I don't know what, I have to protect Mia at all costs.


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