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Blake is a musician a shy one. When one of her best friend wants to start a band and post videos of them on YouTube she doesn't know how to act but, agrees. So when they catch an eye of a certain band an go to meet them Blake sees the other side of fame and her best friends and does she like it? I don't know... Well I do but, you will have to go and read to figure out the answer for yourself.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

"I WANT TO START A BAND!!" screamed Claire as she banged open the door to Sydney's basement where we were hanging out.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Hold your horses' sister" said Alisa looking at Claire like she lost her mind... which wouldn't be a surprised to be honest Claire is a little wacko sometimes... or a lot.

"Oh come on Alisa just think how much fun it would be!!" Claire said bouncing on the balls of her feet holding her video camera "we can post videos on YouTube!"

"Ya why not!!!" said Taylor shaking her head up and down "as long as I got guitar!" she said rushing over and picking up Syd's eclectic guitar they have. "Plus I know a little since I took lessons last year."

I hear Sydney snort looking at her I see Syd smirk "before you quit cause it was too boring" she said making Taylor stick her tongue out.

All of them are picking out things for the band like instruments and what genre and there I sat on the beanbag I named Joe confused out of my mind.

"Blake you are playing drums." Claire said.


"Come one B you are the only one who can play anyways and it's not like you can sing or play any other instrument that well anyways." said Sydney making me flinch.

"Okay" I said my cheeks burning from embarrassment, my friends are 100% nice they just only seen me play drums before and when we would sing I would be bad on purpose... why I don't know I'm just too shy even with my best friends.

"So what should we be called?" said Sydney sitting down on the couch. We all shrug and take a minute to think when everyone started spitting ideas at once.

"How about shadows?" said Sydney?

"The Americans!!" said Taylor.... How she got that I have no idea

"Dinosaurs rule" said Alisa making us laugh at her obsession with dinosaur movies.

"Under Flame?" I ask making them look at me funny "what?" I asked

"How about Never Forget?" said Taylor everyone agrees like that is a good name for our band.

"So want to start out as covers first?" I asked

"ya that's smart Blake thanks" said Claire "we will all need to take private lessons and teach our selves and next week we will figure out what song we should do next." And with that we all left to go and practice most of us eager to get home and start I'm psyched no doubt I just don't want to go home yet so I stop by Jack's music place and say hi.

Pushing open the door hear the all too familiar ding of the bell when I push the cloudy glass door open I'm instantly greeted by the smell of old wood of the instruments and old fun memories that I had over the 6 years I've been here.

"Ahhhhh Blake what brings you here?" says Jack himself

"Nothing just want to play some beats mind if I go to the back and play the drums?" I ask

I see Jack shake his head "what I ask?"

"How many times do I have to say this?" he says "You don't have to ask just yell out to me that you are so I have an idea that you're here?"

"About 400 more times" I say smiling before walking to the back and locking the door behind me. Heading to the side where he has the old drum set I sit on the worn black stool the cover starting to peel and crack. I pick up the wooden drum sticks relaxing after the first thump I play on the snare drum. Twirling the sticks in my hands and deciding on what song to play I can feel the wood that is peeling on the drum sticks making it rough along with the dents and bumps in them. Popping on my ear-pods I decide to pay Tongue Tied by Stereo Skyline. Starting with the steady beat I start singing along with it.

All the stress and worry I'm holding as a semi-normal teen vanishes as I get into the song. Hitting the last beat in the song I let it ring through the room feeling the vibration run through my fingers as I pull my ear pods out and look at my phone. Seeing it was about 5 I knew dad would get mad if I wasn't home to get dinner ready getting up and putting the drum sticks back into their soft leather case I yell bye to Jack who waves from behind the counter he was at opening the door and walking outside I was greeted by a wall of cold air.

Pulling my coat closer to me "I'm really sick of winter" I grumble walking down the pavement and to my house and to my father. The one thing I always hated when I went to Jack's is I had to pass a graveyard, the same one my mother and brother are buried at. Speeding up my walking as I see the dead trees from the corner of my minds I try and forget the bad and focus on the good like I said to my friends so many times before but, they are masked with anger, sadness, and betrayal not only at my deceased family members but, from my father and sister those who I loved and trust didn't give it back instead they gave me pain.

Hearing a honk of a car stopping and looking up startled I see that I walked passed my house turning around I feel the cold wind brushed my wet cheek. Wait wet bringing my numb fingers to my cheeks I feel them wet with tears. Bringing them down and into the pockets of my jacket I guessed I was crying from memories. Shrugging I wipe them away before stopping outside my small house.

Walking inside I noticed that more beer bottles littler the tables and old blue carpet. I notice the TV is on walking over to it to turn it off I notice my dad asleep on the couch, tiptoeing I shut the T off and start dinner trying to be as quiet as possible. Only making sounds of the food poring and mixing, about 30 minutes later I grab a plate and fill it with the spaghetti I made placing in front of my dad's sleeping figure he starts stirring. Picking up some of the empty beer bottles to throw away o hear my father grumble a thank you and digs in to the dinner I made. Turning on the TV for him I grab a plate for myself and head to my room.

Plopping down on my faded purple comfortable I pull out my laptop and log onto twitter seeing nothing new is on I log onto Watt pad deciding to update a story but soon got writer's block. Putting my I phone on the charger I turn off the lights deciding to catch up on my sleep. Closing my eyes I slowly drift to a dreamless slumber.

"WAKE UP YOU SLUT!" slurred a voice. Closing my eyes not wanting to get disturbed from my nice sleep my head violently jerks to the right, my eyes shot open to come face to face to my father pulling my hair. "YOU'RE WORTHLESS!!" he said before kicking me in the stomach. Silent tears stream down my face as the pain in my stomach turns numb. By 3 in the morning he stops as he stumbles into his room. Laying on the ground in to much pain to move I stay there until morning, until school, until I can leave this hell hole.

5 months later

It's been 5 months since we formed the band having 3 songs up on YouTube and a lot of positive comments we feel good about what we are doing. We are at practice now working on our next song Tongue tied to be exact so knowing the whole drumming part I'm watching YouTube while the other work on their part.

I Logged onto twitter next deciding to delete my old account and start a new one because I didn't like my other one I noticed that I spiked to 3,000 follwers...hmm weird when I notice I got a follow or should I say follows from Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood themselves.

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