Dangerous Secrets

Look babe, I know what your doing, and your not protecting me. Im protecting you. Thats a command. Got it? Now come on we're leaving." Just like that he was back to the guy I met on the first day of school. I mean honestly that side of him was dangerous and hot, that's why I wonder about the tattoo. The way he can switch moods makes it seem like he's been joined in a gang. He might not be now, but he has to have been before. I'm going to find out. "And why would I go anywhere with you?" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. "Because I said so babe, and if you know whats good for you then you will be a good little girl and go home with me." He was smirking at me now.  I know he is teasing me, and trying to push mt buttons.  I couldn't ignore the butterflies I kept getting when he called me babe. I can find out information at his house, so why not. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving him to carry my bags. This could get interesting.   ********* what happens when


11. The Guy

Nicole's POV

I gasped and started crying immediatly.

*Flashback earlier that night when she got the txt message in the restraunt parking lot*

Beep Beep. I looked at my phone, and it was an unknown number "I will find you, and what I do will be your worst nightmare. Don't think I forgot." After i read the message i muttered " Oh my God...no.." Harry looked at me with a concerned face and was asking what it is. I just lied, so that way he wouldn't be in danger. "Oh nothing, my mom just won't be home for a while she's uhm...out of the state." He looked at me questioningly and knew I was lying. "Okay..I'm here if you need to talk.." he said. "No , it's fine I'm use to her doing this." i stated. I mean I guess it wasn't really a lie I mean she could be out of state... couldn't she...?

*Flashback Over*********

All I could think is that this was who txt me.. Harry looked at me weird and started laughing and said "Don't worry love, this is just my crazy cousin. We play these jokes on each other all the time." I froze. HIs cousin was the one who killed my dad.. Oh.my.God. "Wh-wh-what...?" I stuttered. Harry looked confused and said " Sweetheart, it's a fake gun we do this all the time. What's wrong with you??" His cousin gave me a smrik and walked closer and said "Yeah sweetheart, nothing to worry about." I started screaming and ran out of the house crying at the same time. I heard Harry screaming my name and running after me. I was in the middle of running, and then felt hands wrap around me and I fell down. " What is going on?!?!?" it was Harry. "H-H-He is ...is..is the..guy..that..." I broke down in tears immediately. Harry looked confused and picked me up then held me on a near bench and then he spoke "He's the guy who what?" I couldn't tell him. I was threatened when my dad got killed. I can't tell him my secret...he will get hurt and thats his cousin...but will Harry and I ever work now...? "He's no one...just take me home and leave me alone forever..please.." I let a tear escape from eyes and Harry started crying. It broke my heart but it was for the best. He stood up and was begging me not to go and as soon as he turned around, I ran. I kept running and running until I didn't know where I was going. Then it hit me...Harry's tattoo is the same as his cousins... Was he apart of my fathers death...or coud he have kept me safe.. He would've protected me but now I'm alone at night, my phone is dead, and it's 12;30...What do I do...?

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