Dangerous Secrets

Look babe, I know what your doing, and your not protecting me. Im protecting you. Thats a command. Got it? Now come on we're leaving." Just like that he was back to the guy I met on the first day of school. I mean honestly that side of him was dangerous and hot, that's why I wonder about the tattoo. The way he can switch moods makes it seem like he's been joined in a gang. He might not be now, but he has to have been before. I'm going to find out. "And why would I go anywhere with you?" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. "Because I said so babe, and if you know whats good for you then you will be a good little girl and go home with me." He was smirking at me now.  I know he is teasing me, and trying to push mt buttons.  I couldn't ignore the butterflies I kept getting when he called me babe. I can find out information at his house, so why not. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving him to carry my bags. This could get interesting.   ********* what happens when


9. The Dance

Nicole's POV

We left the parking lot, and went to the dance. We pulled up at the front of school, and Harry opened my door and we walked in.  When we got inside to the gym where the dance was it, it was pretty. There was balloons everywhere, and people dancing. There was a DJ set up and streamers hanging from the ceiling. The theme was Under the Sea. There was sea waves painted on the wall, our punch bowl looked like a mini ocean and we had clam shell cake. It was amazing. Harry walked me out on the dance floor and we started dancing until Beth came up to me with Zayn. "So this is your mysterious date?" I asked smiling. "Yes...We've been hanging out all weekend." She said smiling. I was about to say something else, but Harry's phone started ringing. He looked down and said "It's Louis." He pulled me out into the lobby along with Beth and Zayn. I never fully met Louis, but I guess I will soon. "What? Slow down. Okay..Okay. Where are you??" Harry said he had panic all over his face. He hung up and said that "Louis was walking to his house when a girl ran into him from out of an alley crying. He caught her before she fell and she said she had to leave and she had to get away. So Louis has her at his house now and he doesn't know what to do." I looked at Beth and Zayn and we all walked out to the car. The dance was getting boring anyway really, so I'm not that upset we left. When we got to Louis's house we ran inside and saw him and the girl. She was constantly crying, we walked over towards them. She started to explain what happened. "My name is Katie, and I've been living with my boss at work and I was making supper tonight, until he came in drunk and pushed me into the wall and slapped me. He started kissing me and I was able to push him away, and start running. He had friends with him and they started running after me, that's when I ran into Louis." We all sat in silence and Louis eventually spoke. "Katie, you can stay here with me as long as you like, I will keep you safe." he flashed her a smile and I knew immediately that he liked her. She started blushing and said "Thank you, I would like that." Well shortly after Harry and I left and he insisted on me staying at his house. I don't know why but I couldn't help but to say yes. Then something happened that I never thought would. We got to his house and there was the man that I had seen kill my dad standing in front of us with a gun in his hand.

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