Dangerous Secrets

Look babe, I know what your doing, and your not protecting me. Im protecting you. Thats a command. Got it? Now come on we're leaving." Just like that he was back to the guy I met on the first day of school. I mean honestly that side of him was dangerous and hot, that's why I wonder about the tattoo. The way he can switch moods makes it seem like he's been joined in a gang. He might not be now, but he has to have been before. I'm going to find out. "And why would I go anywhere with you?" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. "Because I said so babe, and if you know whats good for you then you will be a good little girl and go home with me." He was smirking at me now.  I know he is teasing me, and trying to push mt buttons.  I couldn't ignore the butterflies I kept getting when he called me babe. I can find out information at his house, so why not. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving him to carry my bags. This could get interesting.   ********* what happens when


22. Distance

Harry's POV

I was thinking about all the things that I could do, from her trying to protect me. Then I felt like I saw the light. I know why she feels like she has to protect me and that's because, I've lost my edge with her. I've been so sweet and mushy, that she looks at me like a teddy bear. That's why I have to be the other side of me. I have to be in control, to protect her. I finished getting ready. Niall had txt me and told me that it was a formal dinner, so dress nice. I wore a button down polo, with khakis. I hate khakis, but its more formal then my black skinny jeans. I ran my hand through my hair one more time, and walked out of the bathroom. I was excited to see what she's wearing, she's so innocent. I walked up to the room she's staying in, and knocked on the door. I decided to start calling her babe. It sounds more controlling. "Ready babe?" I called through the door. I heard shuffling around, and then the door opened. There she stood, someone who seemed so innocent, but was wearing a sexy, yet elegant dress with makeup on, more then she wears, and heels, with loose curls. I tried to talk, but I was speechless. The smirk on her face tells me, she had this planned. "So do I look okay? I can change, if I'm that distracting babe."  I heard the sarcasm in her voice, when she said babe. I must admit it sounded great coming from her. I cleared my voice praying, it wouldn't squeak. "Uhm yes you look amazing, stunning, and beautiful. I must say though.. I do look better." I gave her a wink and she crossed her arms over her chest, and I continued. "...and no you don't have to change  I can keep my distance, but no promises about that tonight." I gave her a small smirk and she rolled her eyes. "You wish you looked like this, and I highly doubt you will be able to keep your distance. Have you ever went to this restraint?" I thought a minute.. Niall said it was called 'Under the Lights' whatever that means  "No?" I said clearly confused. "Well come on, and lets see how the distance works out for ya." She smiled and grabbed my hand. She's teasing me.... think Harry. Your in control. Your in control. We walked to the car, and I drove us there. When we pulled up, I noticed that the restraint was very formal, but I heard music from inside. When we reached inside I noticed all of the bodies swarmed together dancing, and grinding. I squinted my eyes, and noticed it was a dance floor. I looked over at Nicole, and she had a smile of victory on her face. I won't let her win, she wouldn't dance without me. We walked over to where Niall and Brittney is sitting, and took a seat. Brittney was in a white dress, except the top had glitter all over it, it was also strapless. Niall wore the same as I except he had on a green polo. Go figure. I never really met Brittney formally, but the fact she took Nicole in when she had no where else to go definitely makes me approve of her and Niall dating. The waiter comes over and takes our order, and he won't stop looking at Nicole. He goes to take Nicole's order, and he says "What can I give to a beautiful lady like you, other then my number?" he winks at her, and she gives a small smile. I know she's uncomfortable, and I know we aren't dating but he's not talking to her like that. No one is. That's when I spoke up. "What can I give a cheesy bastard like you, other then a fist in your face?" I spit. He looks shocked, and then looks at Nicole, as if he's asking for help. I thought she would say something to me, but she took me completely off guard when she said "He's asking you a question." I looked at Nicole and back to him and gave him a smirk. "Uh-uh sorry I will get your food right out." he said while hurriedly walking away. We all four started laughing, that is until Brittney said "You guys want to dance?" I said "No." the same time Nicole said "Yes." I looked at her and she gave me a smile. She was just on my side over waiter boy, and now she's going against me. Ugh. "I'm not dancing." I stated. "Suit yourself." she said. She slid out of the booth, and went to the dance floor with Brittney and Niall while I sat alone. She looked over at me and started dancing, I was very much enjoying this. She would send me a few smirks, when she would go down to the ground. It took everything in me to not take her back home right now. I was going to be right over me keeping distance. That is until a guy came up and wrapped his hands around her waist and they started grinding. Nicole looked at me and winked. She then started going down lower and lower while grinding her hips on him. That's when I thought screw distance. I ran over there and jerked her away from him. The guy then said "Give me back my girl." I felt my blood boil. "She's not your girl, and she never will be. She's mine. Get away now." I go right in his face and he said "Sorry man, my mistake." he walked off. Yeah Harry's got his edge back what now?! Who's the man?! I heard her voice clear, I turned around and there she was looking up at me, while smiling victoriously. I grabbed her, and pulled her to the dance floor she started grinding on me, and I felt myself enjoying it more, then watching it. That dress did look good on her, it complimented all of her figure. She stopped grinding, and turned around. "That's two guys in one night you blew up on over me. How's the distance thing working out for you?" She was flashing me her beautiful smile. "I let people know what's mine." she was about to say something else, then I smashed my lips on hers. Screw distance.

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