Dangerous Secrets

Look babe, I know what your doing, and your not protecting me. Im protecting you. Thats a command. Got it? Now come on we're leaving." Just like that he was back to the guy I met on the first day of school. I mean honestly that side of him was dangerous and hot, that's why I wonder about the tattoo. The way he can switch moods makes it seem like he's been joined in a gang. He might not be now, but he has to have been before. I'm going to find out. "And why would I go anywhere with you?" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. "Because I said so babe, and if you know whats good for you then you will be a good little girl and go home with me." He was smirking at me now.  I know he is teasing me, and trying to push mt buttons.  I couldn't ignore the butterflies I kept getting when he called me babe. I can find out information at his house, so why not. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving him to carry my bags. This could get interesting.   ********* what happens when


8. Dinner

Harry's POV

I got in the car and grabbed her hand she was smiling and didn't pull away. I had a really great date set up. It was a llittle cliché, but it was romantic. We pulled up at the restaurant and she gasped. It was the most expensive restaurant in the city, but she is so worth it.  "Harry... oh my gosh, are you kidding me.." she said with her face full of shock. "No I'm not kidding,  but this is nothing just wait love." I said while laughing.  I parked and got out and ran over to her and opened her door and held out my hand. She grabbed my hand and we intertwined fingers and walked to the door. I opened the door and pulled her towards the back. There was a long hallway and a curtains at the end. I turned around to her when we got to the curtains and said close your eyes. She closed her eyes, and I pulled her through the curtains. When we got through I said "open love." When she opened her eyes she was smiling then gasped and her jaw dropped. "Harry.... oh my God... it's..." she started and looked at me then jumped into my arms and did something I've been waiting on for a while...she kissed me.. it wasn't just a regular kiss it was passionate. She pulled away with tears in her eyes and said "thank you."  Thisis what I had set up for our date.  It was a table with a white drape over it and it had 3 candles with plates there was rose petals all over the floor, slow music on and the ceiling was able to slide across and youcoukd see the stars. We went to the table and ate then I paid and we left. When we got to the car I turned around to kiss her again, and she wasn't there. "Get in hot stuff." She said I bent down and looked in the car and she was in the drivers seat. "You can drive after we leave the party.Deal?" I said laughing. "Ugh okay." She said pouting. I laughed as she got out and walked over to her side. I kissed her and she was smiling in the kiss I was smiling to and whrn I pullef away she hot in the car and I did to. Then we left. I heard her phone go off and she looked at it and gasped and said "oh my God....no..."

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