Dangerous Secrets

Look babe, I know what your doing, and your not protecting me. Im protecting you. Thats a command. Got it? Now come on we're leaving." Just like that he was back to the guy I met on the first day of school. I mean honestly that side of him was dangerous and hot, that's why I wonder about the tattoo. The way he can switch moods makes it seem like he's been joined in a gang. He might not be now, but he has to have been before. I'm going to find out. "And why would I go anywhere with you?" I said while narrowing my eyes at him. "Because I said so babe, and if you know whats good for you then you will be a good little girl and go home with me." He was smirking at me now.  I know he is teasing me, and trying to push mt buttons.  I couldn't ignore the butterflies I kept getting when he called me babe. I can find out information at his house, so why not. "Whatever." I rolled my eyes and walked out the door leaving him to carry my bags. This could get interesting.   ********* what happens when


5. Breakfast Meet

Nicole's POV

As soon as I got off the phone I ran into the bathroom to take a shower.  I jumped into the shower and started singing, and that's when I heard my bedroom door open. "Nicole?" I gasped because it was Harry.  Omg what is he doing here... "Harry??" I yelled back. "Yea its me love, where are you??" He said. "Taking a shower!" "Getting ready so soon are we?" He said back and chuckled. "Oh shut up, what are you doing here?" I said. I just finished in the shower and out my robe on and walked out. He was sitting on my bed in sweats and a t-shirt with his curly hair going every but it was so perfect I thought. Stop. What am I saying?! "Well I thought I would bring you breakfast,  and we could eat together." He said with a cheeky smile. "Oh sure" I said. He grabbed my hand and led me downstairs.  When I was midway down the stairs I could smell the food. I looked on the table and there was orange juice, chicken biscuit,  and hash browns. "How did you know I loved this for breakfast??" I said smiling.  "Well... I didnt I just got you what I always get." he said laughing. We ate and cleaned up then I walked him to the door. "I will pick you up at seven you should be ready by then,  since your so excited you started getting ready now." He said smiling. I felt myself blush and smile so I looked down. He put his hand on my chin and lifted my face up and whispered in my ear "Don't do that,  your beautiful." he kissed my cheek and looked at me. My face was hot and all I coukd do was nod. "Seven, don't forget." He said "how could I ?" I said. He looked shocked and smiled . Omg I said that out loid. I smiled and shut the door and locked it.  I ran upstairs put on some music and danced. I txt Neth and rold her everything. She txt back and said "Awe thats great Nicole,  see I told you it would be a good year!! Just wait when you see who I come with its a surprise!!" I laughed to myslef and replied back this "haha thank you!! Oh goodness.. " then I reread her message "see I told you it would be a good year" I kept rereading that part then thought... it could be a good year but then again it might not be..


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