Badass Sister (16+)

Zayn's sister is sent to live with Zayn in London with the boys she's 18 and has took over Zayn's place in Bradford as being the Bradford bad boys badass sister will someone uncover the truth about her our will she fall in love with one of them?
Sexual actions


5. Zayn listen

Liam's (p.o.v.)

I was sent to go look for Jade I started walking in Central Park when I heard a lovely voice singing I looked up and it was Jade I grabbed my phone and recorded it she slipped the paper in her pocket and I bolted back to the house. I slammed the door closed and screamed " ZAYN GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW" all the boys bolted down the stairs in a panic I said " Zayn listen " I started playing the song

***skip song I'm to lazy to rewrite it***

Zayn had guilt in his eyes then he said " I really have messed up I didn't know I caused her pain " just then Jade walked threw the door with a boy she said " this is Joey my boyfriend "

Third person (p.o.v.)

My heart broke.......

Who's heart broke.........are is it more then one heart that broke.............

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