Badass Sister (16+)

Zayn's sister is sent to live with Zayn in London with the boys she's 18 and has took over Zayn's place in Bradford as being the Bradford bad boys badass sister will someone uncover the truth about her our will she fall in love with one of them?
Sexual actions


2. the Five idiots arrived

Jades (p.o.v.)

I was listening to music on my phone when my mum yelled " CHARLOTTE YOUR BROTHERS HERE " I slipped my phone in my back pocket of my high wasted shorts and I was wearing a crop top in grabbed my suitcase skate board and bag and headed down stairs. When I got down stairs my brother turned and looked at me his eyes got big and he said " Charlotte you've changed " I nodded and snapped back " I go by my middle name know Zayn " he helped me with my bags and we headed to the van I opened the door and got surprised by four idiot boys throwing water at me I picked up the water bottle and hit someone in the head he had hazel hair and had a rat Stacie he yelled " OWW " I snickered and took a seat next to a boy with curly hair the boy with curly hair smirked and said " I'm styles, Harry styles " I smiled and said " I'm Jade and your flirting is the oldest trick in the book curly " his smirked drop and he turned to the front Zayn got in the car and started driving this was going to be the longest 2 years of my life

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