Badass Sister (16+)

Zayn's sister is sent to live with Zayn in London with the boys she's 18 and has took over Zayn's place in Bradford as being the Bradford bad boys badass sister will someone uncover the truth about her our will she fall in love with one of them?
Sexual actions


4. broken inside

Jades (p.o.v.)

I grabbed my jacket and climbed out the window I started walking I don't know we're just started walking I ended up in a park I climbed up a tree and took out a piece of paper that was in my pocket it had lyrics that I wrote I started singing

I don't know what to dooo

My heart is broken inside, I'm hurting but no one sees

Why do you hurt my heart

What would say if you knew

I'm broken inside and you don't see my pain

You got changed by the fame

You left me in the shadow of the room

You left me.........broken inside

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