Badass Sister (16+)

Zayn's sister is sent to live with Zayn in London with the boys she's 18 and has took over Zayn's place in Bradford as being the Bradford bad boys badass sister will someone uncover the truth about her our will she fall in love with one of them?
Sexual actions


3. already in trouble

Jades (p.o.v.)

When we got to the house I told Zayn I was going to skate around he said " k " and I left I was skating down the park when I ran into someone else skating I got up and so did he then I yelled " JOEY " then he yelled " JADE " I smiled and hugged him Joey was my friend with benefits he smiled and said " so wait why are you here " I replied " I'm going to be staying with my brother for awhile " he nodded and I said " so you want to hang out sometimes " he nodded it was later in the day and we decided to pull a prank our famous to prank we spray paint the cops car and it says ' double J ' we grabbed spray cans and we sprayed it but we weren't fast enough and I got caught. The police officer said " well if it isn't Charlotte Jade Malik the Bradford officers warned us about you I'll drop you off at your brothers you just got out of jail so I'll let it slide for now " I nodded he drove me to Zayn's house and he nocked on the door Zayn answered and the officer said " well it looks like your little sister spray painted our car will let it slide since she just got released from jail a week ago so she's all yours good luck " he un cuffed me and Zayn closed the door then Zayn yelled " YOU WERE IN JAIL " I yelled back " WHY DO YOU CARE YOU WERENT THERE TO TELL ME WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG " then he yelled " WHY COULDENT YOU BE LIKE ME AND NOT SOME SLUTTY BITCHY WHORE " and that's when I broke my OWN BROTHER called me that. I ran up stairs letting the tears fall I've been holding the pain in for too long and now I cracked.

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

Why did I say that. I turned to the boys and they all had wide eyes and there mouths were probably on the floor then Niall said " mate you crossed the line " the boys nodded then I ran to my room. My relationship with my sister will never be the same.

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