Well fuck.



2. Meet Eve, loverly reader!!(:

Hey reader. I'm Evangeline, or Eve for short. I'm going to tell you a little bit of background story because we all know that the background is just a base for the juicy stuff. Don't you agree? Good. Glad you do. So learn about me!

I'm 15, 16 in five months! Woohoo!! I have dark, dark, dark brown, almost black hair, and brown eyes. I'm 5'5". I'm not short my height is just cute. I live in Marietta, Oklahoma with my mom and step dad. My brother just got stationed in South Dakota for two years. My best friends are Anne, I call her Annie cause it irritates her, Hillary, Braxton, Sandra, and my dogs Zena and Carlos. I go to Turner High School with Anne, Hillary, and Sandra. Or as we call it, hillbillyhell. I like drawing, singing, dancing, and playing with Zena and Carlos. Yeah... That's me... Kay byeeeeeeee.


I accidentally deleted everything I just wrote!!!!!! Arg!!!!! Nooooo!! I did my best to rewrite everything but that's the main character!!(: hope y'all like this story. Comment some stuff about you, because I truly care and want to get to know yall(: Kay byeeeeeee:)


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