deep love sev'ral timez fanfiction

a girl named gwen was wandering around the city when suddenly she met chubby z is there something more to theyre relationship and is there something more to deep chris lol read 2 find out


1. chapter one

i was walking down the rode when suddenly i bumped into a tall blond guy 'are you ok' he asked 'yeah' i replied 'well i better go' and then he walked off when suddenly i recognized him

'are you chubby z from sevral times' i asked 'yeah' he replied 'i love youre music' i said. he stared at me for like a full minute before walking away

**chubby zs pov**

that girl looked familiar i wander who she was o well

**gwens pov**

i cant believe i just met chubby z i squeal and fall onto a bench this is the best day ever

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